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6 packing and moving tips for busy moms

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Being a mother is a full-time job. There is always something to take care of. You have to maintain the household. And, you have to meet the needs of your kids too. When moving comes into such a tight schedule, you might easily feel helpless. In addition to existing obligations, you’ll have to complete many additional tasks. That means that you will have to prepare a moving plan. Besides, you will have to take care of many administrative duties. Fortunately, there is a way for you to make this period easier. By hiring moving companies in NoVa, you will get valuable assistance. And, following our packing and moving tips for busy moms, we are sure that your move will be a success.  

Planning ahead is among the important steps to take

Taking care of kids and household, you are already used to planning ahead. So, that is a big advantage. All you have to do is to translate this skill into the packing and moving process. As soon as you receive a confirmation of the moving date from your movers, start preparations. Keep in mind that, when moving, preparation time is the most demanding. During that period, you will have to compile the following:

  • declutter the entire household
  • get the moving estimate for the things you are moving and draft the moving budget
  • get the packing supplies
  • prepare the moving essential bags for family members
  • organize the transfer of school and medical records
  • sort out all utility issues, on both sides
  • organize moving out cleaning
Including your kids in preparation is one of the packing and moving tips for busy moms.
Show your kids how to pack for moving and let them help you.

And, this is just a part of the tasks that you will have to complete. Therefore, if your kids are already big enough, include them in some preparation parts. For example, they can declutter and pack their clothes, toys, and books. You will just have to explain to them how to do it. This way, they won’t be bored. And, they will help you a lot. Consider getting help from a packing service Northern Virginia, If your kids are still too small

Multitasking is a must when it comes to packing and moving tips for busy moms

Multitasking is yet another skill that moms learn soon after getting their first kid. It will help you to complete packing on time. Being a mum, you are already used to completing many tasks while kids are playing or have naps. So, you can use such situations to complete some packing.

In case you have hired a moving help, you can use the kids’ rest time to make phone calls, or send emails. That way, you can complete a lot of tasks without the need to leave your home. For example, you can give a call to the utility providers in your new place. You can also send an application for an address change. Even when you are moving locally, you should inform your bank, voting committee, and other bodies about your new address. And you can go for quick shopping and surprise your kids with a nice meal.

Don’t forget about the needs of your kids

Rushing to complete as many tasks as possible, you may easily make a mistake. You may unintentionally neglect the needs of your kids. That is a reason why you should start with moving preparations as early as possible. So, you will be completely ready when the residential movers in Northern VA arrive. Starting timely, you won’t find yourself in a situation to rush, running out of time. On the contrary, following the moving tips, you will always have some spare time to dedicate to your kids. And that is exactly what they need. So, take them for a short walk. Or, play a bit with them. Remember that they will feel insecure due to move. And they will need your support.

Woman sitting near the table with her children.
One of the best packing and moving tips everyone agrees on is to start moving preparations early, so you always have time for your kids.

Pack some of the items in advance

Usually, you will have two months or more to complete packing. So, as you will need some things during those two months, make a packing plan. That way, you will leave the things that you and your family are using daily. And, you will start by packing first things like out-of-season clothes. Or some other items which you will not need before moving.

You can also include your kids in this process. Make it look like a game of guessing what things they will not need before moving. So, they will spend time occupied by deliberating about their clothes and toys. Once again, this will buy you some additional free time to complete several other tasks. 

Make a decision about your furniture

When you are moving, it usually happens that some of your items will not match your home. Some furniture parts can be too large to squeeze into your new home. Or, you can use the opportunity to change some furniture pieces for modern items. Regarding the furniture that you intend to leave behind, you can:

  • sell it to new tenants, if they want so
  • present it
  • donate it
  • haul it away
Brown leather sofa with red pillows near the window.
Some of your furniture might be too big got your new home.

In case you want to change some of the items from the kids’ room, discuss it with them. Do it carefully, as they might be too attached to some items. For example, older kids will have fewer problems understanding the need for change. In the case of talking to smaller kids, apply some tricks. For example, tell them a story. Let them imagine how Santa is sending them a new bed as a gift. That way, they will accept the change without tears and a fear of loss. And having local movers Northern Virginia bringing the new furniture, they will even feel happy and excited.

Accept help from neighbors, relatives, and friends

During the preparation period, any help will be welcome. Some of your relatives, friends, or neighbors might offer their help. Some will volunteer to help you with packing. And, some will offer to take care of kids, bringing them to the park, or a playground. Whatever offers you get, accept them. That will help you speed up packing. And, even if you complete it on time, you will have some free time before moving. During that time, you can fully dedicate yourself to your kids. That will give you time to talk again with the kids about moving and make moving easier on the kids. And to check their mood, as it may largely depend on their age.  We hope that we could help you with those packing and moving tips for busy moms. And that you and your family will, applying them, have a pleasant and stress-free relocation.


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