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Are home packing services worth the money?

Moving done

The worst part of relocating is packing; friends and family might be unavailable when you need to pack your home. People underestimate how long it takes to pack up their houses. Do you think it takes a day? Add three times as much time as you feel. Packing boxes for a relocation is time-consuming and slow, frequently because you might lack the knowledge of how to pack efficiently. Additionally, you might believe you have more than enough packing supplies. To gather packing supplies, you’ll probably have to go on one or two more trips, which will cost you more time and money. How can you pack quickly for a move if you value your time? Start by contacting movers and packers Northern Virginia. They’ll finish the job in a fraction of the time it takes you. Are home packing services worth the money? Let’s see.

The definition of packing services

Residential movers in Northern VA will help pack your belongings for relocating to a new house by providing the labor and packing supplies. Everything from your most miniature items, and framed artwork to your sizable antique furniture pieces and crystal chandeliers. Each moving box will be carefully labeled with the contents and the room in your new house that you have specified it should go in. In addition, movers will provide you with a full packing and unpacking service. Of course, it depends on your choice. If you choose the unpacking service, the moving company will unpack all your belongings and put them where you specify in your new house. To help with this, creating a floor plan is a brilliant idea. Furthermore, the moving company will remove all the packing supplies, leaving you to settle into your new house.

an open suitcase
If you get professional packing services, they will pack everything, including your clothes

Criteria to help you decide are home packing services worth the money

Booking the packing service Northern Virginia is not exactly affordable. If you want to save money, skipping professional packing services seems a good choice. However, here are all the reasons why you should book packing services.

  • You lack the time and energy necessary to pack your belongings.
  • Some of your items are very delicate, fragile, expensive, etc.
  • There are items you have that need specialized packaging supplies.
  • You lack faith in your ability to pack.
  • You have to move quickly
  • Professional packers will have all the necessary supplies to properly pack and keep your items safe.

At first, it seems like using professional packing services is a waste of money. However, if you do not have all the necessary skills, supplies, and knowledge on how to pack your items properly, you will probably cause damage. This way, you will spend more money replacing all the things.

All the advantages of using professional packing services

When moving with small moves Northern Virginia, do you want to start your life here with lost or damaged items? For this reason, leave all the hard work to movers. They will use the best method for packing all of your belongings, cutting down on packing time and materials costs. Furthermore, making the most of the packing box capacity will result in a smaller moving vehicle. Finally, your belongings will be packaged to go to your new house safely.

Additionally, the relocation company or your insurance should insure your items. Often, an insurance provider won’t guarantee you if you pack your belongings. Lastly, professional packers can pack most homes in a single day, saving you from spending weeks surrounded by boxes and packing supplies.

Are home packing services worth the money when you can pack alone
If you are wondering are home packing services worth the money remember that you will save time and energy if you let movers pack everything

Disadvantages of booking packing services

The most significant disadvantage would be the cost. Here are the most common rates.

  • One-bedroom home $500+
  • 2-3 bedroom home $550-£750
  • 3-4 bedroom home $800+

The actual costs may vary based on the quantity and nature of the packaging required. If you need a professional packing and unpacking service, be prepared to spend roughly twice as much. The cost of unpacking and getting rid of the packaging materials is nearly the same as the cost of packing. In addition, it will take 1-2 hours to pack a one-bedroom house, 3-5 hours for a two-bedroom house, 6–10 hours for a three-bedroom home, and 8–12 hours for a four-bedroom place. Again, these are merely estimates and will vary depending on how much and what kind of material you need to bring.

Is it worth paying more money for packing services?

Should you use packers to prepare your house for a move? You should hire them in practically all situations involving house moves. You will save time, your belongings will be packed correctly to minimize damage, and fewer packing materials will be needed. One broken item might quickly drain your budget by not employing packers because many insurance companies won’t cover it if you pack your belongings. Furthermore, you can reduce the expense of hiring packers by decluttering your home of items you no longer want or can no longer accommodate in your new residence. This step in the house-moving process is crucial, so do not skip it. A smaller moving vehicle, fewer packing supplies, less time spent packing, and maybe fewer items to pack all add to lower total relocation costs for you.

person packing
It is worth spending money on packing services?

How to make your final decision?

As you can see, it is always better to book professional packing services. Are home packing services worth the money? Definitely yes. It may be more expensive, but your items will be well protected. It takes a lot of time and energy to pack your household. If you have to work full-time and take care of your family, kids, and pets, it might seem impossible. In addition, if you do not pack your items properly, you can cause damage to your articles. Ultimately, you will pay more to replace everything instead of paying for professional packing services.


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How do you calculate the hours for my move?

The clock starts when our movers leave our dispatch facility. Time will end once move is complete at client designated destination. Time cannot be ended with furniture left in our vehicles.

Is there a credit card or deposit required to reserve a moving date?

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How do you ensure the safety of my belongings?

Our movers will arrive in one of our trucks, fully stocked with the highest quality professional materials. We have a systematic way of treating each piece of furniture prior to moving it. This includes disassembly, padding and wrapping the furniture for protection. These procedures are also a stipulation of insurance coverage. Protection of furniture is mandatory.

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