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Best cities for tech jobs in Virginia and why you should move there

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The technology industry has become the biggest trend of the 21st century. And believe it or not, the number of young people who decide to study technology fields is increasing. Virginia is one of the best states for education and a career in the world of technology. Did you know that Virginia ranks third in the tech workforce in the US? Virginia has more than 315,000 people working in a variety of technology positions. Also, people who work in the technology industry have the highest salary that exceeds $106,000. So, if you too would try to create a career in the world of technology, or offer that opportunity to your children, then you should think about the next step. Maybe it’s time to move. In that case, reliable moving companies Northern Virginia are at your disposal. Now we will reveal to you several best cities for tech jobs in Virginia.

Why you should move to Virginia?

Apart from the fact that Virginia is a good place for a career, and education and offers numerous business opportunities, this state is an excellent place to live. There is one slogan that he uses all the time when it comes to this state, “Virginia is for lovers.” And that is absolutely true. Virginia is a state for all those who are in love with history, culture, and nature, but also for those who want a family way of life. There are many reasons why people move to this state. For example, health care was one of the top 10 reasons.

Girl in Virginia
If you visit Virginia at least once, we are sure that the reason for your move will be its beautiful nature.

When it comes to statistics and reasons for moving, see what those reasons are and how common they are:

  • Family reasons (35.8%)
  • Lifestyle (18.9%)
  • Retirement (18.9%)
  • Business opportunities (15.1%)
  • Health reasons (7.5%)

If any of these reasons apply to you, it is time to type on your Google search page local movers near me and start the relocation process. So, when we talk about your move to Virginia, and why you should do it, we want to tell you that there are many reasons to do so. Let’s say, the lifestyle of this state is one of the things that you will like. Because in this state there are no rules about the way of life. Every family is different and lives in a different way. So, here you are free. In addition, another reason why you should consider moving to this state is, as we said at the beginning, education. And in addition, Virginia has been declared the 6th most educated state in the USA. Because 38% of its population has a diploma.

A few more reasons why should you move to Virginia with your family

We said that education is one of the reasons. And Virginia offers you some of the best schools such as Virginia Tech, Virginia Commonwealth, University of Virginia, and Old Dominion University. Also, Virginia is an excellent choice for families with small children. For example, Arlington is one of the best places for families. Apart from safety, this city also offers good opportunities for education. And Jamestown Elementary and Arlington Traditional are two of the best elementary schools in the state.

Family in Virginia
Virginia is a place with excellent opportunities to raise a family!

And another reason is the seasons. If you come from warmer regions, you probably haven’t been introduced to all 4 seasons until now. But in Virginia, you will have the opportunity to do so. Here you will encounter harsh winters, hot summers, colorful autumns, and fragrant springs. Also, regardless of the timing of your move, residential movers in Northern VA are here for you. Winters and cold weather, as well as high temperatures, aren’t an obstacle for movers to move you to one of the best cities for tech jobs in Virginia.

What are the best cities for tech jobs in Virginia?

There are many great cities in Virginia that can be really good choices. Regardless of whether you are alone or want to move with your family. The good news is that Virginia is an ideal place for all generations and that it offers many good opportunities for life, work, and education. Also, if you are moving to this state for a job in the technology field, keep in mind that this is your best decision. Because many doors and great possibilities will open for you. So, it would be time to get ahead of things and encourage you to choose one of the best tech cities for you.

  • Dulles
  • Manassas
  • Alexandria
  • Arlington

What you must know is that no two cities are alike. However, each of them offers different possibilities. So, maybe it would be ideal if, before you start researching, you compile a list of your priorities that will be your guide on this journey. With the help of your priority list, you will know what to look for. So, consider this option!


We’ve already mentioned that Arlington is one of the best places for families. But in addition, it’s a great place for all those who are looking for a job in the field of technology. One very important piece of information is that Arlington used to be a VA recruiting center. And some of the leading companies that offer good business opportunities and an advanced career are Accenture, Amazon, Bloomberg, Boeing, Capital One, and MasterCardArlington is also one of the places in Virginia that offers really high salaries, starting at $126,994 a year.

Arlington as one of the best cities for tech jobs in Virginia
Arlington is one of the best cities for tech jobs in Virginia.

What you also need to know is that Virginia is an expensive state to live in. Data from RentCafe says that Virginia is 2% higher than the national average. And also, the same data shows that Arlington is one of the most expensive cities in Virginia. And living expenses are 46% higher than the state average. But, regardless, Arlington is one of the great cities to live in. So, find your high ranking movers Arlington VA and start your move!

But not only is it home to Amazon’s HK2 and Virginia Tech’s innovation campus, but it’s also home to some of the best parks in the state. For example, there is Virginia Highlands Park, but there are also other attractions like Fashion Center Mall and Movement Gym. And then there are the must-see places like Bon Air Park Rose, Custis Trail, Washington Trail, and Old Dominion Trail, as well as the Four Mile Running Trail. Arlington is a fun town, and we think you’ll absolutely love it.


Dulles is another fantastic city in Virginia. And it’s known as the headquarters of excellent companies such as Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems and ODIN Technologies. But besides them, there are other technology companies like Amazon, Comcast, and Microsoft. These companies will make Dulles the #1 highest-paying city in Virginia. The current annual income is $161,166 in the field of technology. But, on average, annual household income is about $102,885 according to NICHE data.

Amazon company
Amazon is one of the largest employers in Virginia.

This city can be an ideal choice if you are looking for a lower cost of living than Arlington. The cost of living index in Dulles is 128.5. Also, this city has great convenience because it’s one of the most affordable when it comes to real estate and rent. Also, according to NICHE data, the average real estate prices are around $465,200, while the average rental is around $1,952. What also makes this city a good choice are excellent schools. Almost all of them are rated high A. Some of them are Broad Run High School, Independence High School, and Potomac Falls High School. These are just some of the reasons why people move to Dulles. And if you want the same, call movers Dulles VA. They can be of great help to you!


If you want to have a little fun, consider Manassas. And if you want to move to this city, find movers in Manassas VA, and hurry to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Manassas becoming a city with other residents. The 150th birthday of Manassas will be celebrated in Dean Park and guests will be able to enjoy entertainment, music, fireworks, and many other activities for all ages.

Manassas may be one of the best cities for tech jobs in Virginia, but it’s not one of the safest places to live. Because the crime rate is 20 crimes per 1000 people. According to NICHE data, about 42,596 people live in this city. And one of the biggest benefits is even more affordable real estate prices compared to Dulles and Arlington. In Manassas, the average home price is $356,500, while renting is around $1,641.

Home for sale in one of the best cities for tech jobs in Virginia
Manassas is one of the most affordable cities when it comes to real estate.

But when it comes to business opportunities, this city can be a good choice. The average salary is about $155,033. Also, important information is that at a distance of about 30 miles from Washington, there are logistics, military, and security companies that also offer good business opportunities. And beside them, there are companies like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Micron Technology.


Alexandria can be said to be one of the most beautiful places in Virginia. Located right next to the Potomac River, it’s one of those places with a lot of diversity. But it’s also home to many historical landmarks, colorful art, waterfront restaurants, and some of the best diverse neighborhoods around. With a population of 157,000, it makes its territory ideal for commuters, as it’s only seven miles from DC. But, one of the disadvantages can be the living costs, which are 50% higher than the national average. If Alexandria is your final choice, you can always count on a moving company in Alexandria VA. Just call and book your moving day!

People working in one of he best cities for tech jobs in Virginia
Alexandria will become one of the best cities for tech jobs.

When it comes to business opportunities, this city can be called the home of Amazon. And next to it, there are companies like Booz Allen Hamilton and Capital One. Also, Google has big plans when it comes to Alexandria. The headquarters of the cybersecurity consulting company Mandiant will soon become the property of Google. Because Google is planning to buy this company. Also, the earning potential in the technology sector in this city is around $140,630. So, what is clear is that Alexandria can be a good choice for life, but also for work and career. Therefore, think carefully!

Which of these best cities for tech jobs in Virginia will be your choice?

As we said at the very beginning of this story, Virginia is an excellent place for life, work, entertainment, and education. And in addition, they also have their natural beauty, which is their main attraction and attracts a large number of tourists. But perhaps it’s the biggest feature when it comes to business is that Virginia is the home of technology. And it can offer really high-quality education, but also excellent business opportunities. Through our story of the best cities for tech jobs in Virginia, you could get to know some of the companies that offer outstanding business opportunities. And also, you have the opportunity to find your new place to live.

So, we suggest you explore all the possibilities that this state offers you and choose one of the best cities for tech jobs in Virginia exclusively on your needs and possibilities. And don’t forget, Virginia is an ideal place for all generations. But it, like all other places in the world, has flaws. And the biggest disadvantage of Virginia is its high cost of living. So, if this isn’t a problem for you, choose one city and enjoy the freedom!


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