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Best scenic places in Northern Virginia

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In addition to being known as the birthplace of America, Northern Virginia is known for its natural beauty and picturesque places that its residents adore. But not only them, but also other people across America. Did you know that its incredibly beautiful nature is one of the reasons why people move here? Northern Virginia is home to some of the most beautiful places where you can enjoy picturesque views of the sky and nature. Whether you’re looking out the window of your home or in a park, or somewhere else. So, today we will introduce you to the best scenic places in Northern Virginia. And our moving and storage in Northern Virginia are at your disposal if you decide that one of these places will be your new place to live.

Living in Northern Virginia

Whether you are moving to another city, county, or state, know that Northern Virginia is always a good choice. Northern Virginia, or as its constituents call it “NOVA” includes an area consisting of several counties and independent cities, all of which together belong to the Commonwealth of Virginia in the US. And, know that local movers in Northern Virginia are at your disposal if you choose one of these places! So, this region is very diverse and different from the rest of Virginia. People who move here can expect an exciting life and lots of fun. It’s easiest to say that there is a dizzying city atmosphere. Also, this place is a perfect destination for those who love fun, but also for art lovers, as well as nature lovers. Today, our story is dedicated to nature lovers, but in addition, we will reveal many more interesting facts about this place.

Welcome to Virginia
Virginia is an ideal place for all those who love nature and who want to enjoy life!

What is life like in Northern Virginia? Residents of this area say that life here is a bit expensive. In other words, Virginia generally has a slightly higher cost of living, with an index of 104, compared to the national average of 100. But, these costs are acceptable because Virginia offers you the opportunity to earn over $80,000 a year. This state is constantly growing and currently ranks 12th in the USA in terms of population. And what is best of all in this state is education, because Virginia is home to three of the top 40 public universities in the USA. But that’s not all, there is one more thing that makes this country beautiful, and that is the scenic places, to which we will dedicate the rest of our story.

What are the best scenic places in Northern Virginia?

When we talk about scenic places in Northern Virginia, we mean the beautiful nature that is its biggest and most beautiful feature, beautiful beaches, as well as all the places that have a nice view, even if it’s the view from your window. Also, in Northern Virginia, there are several excellent scenic places, that is, towns that can be your new place to live. These places are most often chosen by those who want to connect with nature and enjoy everything it can offer.

Scenic place in Northern Virginia
If living in nature is all you’ve ever wanted, consider each of the selected best scenic places in Northern Virginia.

Some of the best scenic places in Northern Virginia where you can move are:

  • Leesburg
  • Manassas
  • Great Falls
  • Clifton

We will reveal to you all the well-kept secrets of these places as well as their most beautiful and best features. Also, through the story about these places, you will be able to fully get to know them and discover why those places are one of the best scenery in Northern Virginia.


Leesburg is considered a wine country, which is also one of the biggest characteristics of this place. This also means that in Leesburg you will be able to see many hectares of land under vineyards, wherever you turn. The center of this city is the main location because it offers a large selection of diverse content for families, young people, and the oldest. Starting from entertainment options, all the way to highly rated schools, restaurants, etc. And besides, this is a historic city that you will love! Also, moving companies Leesburg VA are here for you if you decide to move. Just call them!

A doe in the woods in Northern Virginia
In the forests of Leesburg, you will have the opportunity to meet some of the forest inhabitants.

When it comes to Leesburg VA, we can safely say that this place has rich nature. As if it was a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. After you visit it once, we are sure you will love it. So, now we will reveal to you the best scenic places in Leesburg VA. In first place is the Potomac River. This is a great place to rest. It consists of a large and calm river that is surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Also, the Potomac River offers you a variety of adventures like kayaking, paddle boarding, and more. The next place we highlight is the Rust nature reserve. This 68-hectare reserve offers various trails, a panoramic lake, surrounded by beautiful landscapes, as well as wooded areas where local animals live.


Manassas is a city conveniently located in the center of Manassas City County. Also, it’s one of the good choices when it comes to finding an ideal place to live. And if it’s your choice, contact moving companies Manassas VA to relocate here with ease. Still, in addition, this city has one flaw. And that is the high cost of living, which is 138.5% of the national average. But the high cost of living doesn’t prevent Manassas to be one of the places with the most beautiful nature. This small town also offers a lot of fun activities, starting from the museum, all the way to getting to know the history, which is ideal for a day trip.

Park in Manassas in Virginia
Manassas is a place worth visiting, and maybe you even decide to relocate here!

When talking about Manassas, it’s important to highlight its natural beauty that leaves all visitors breathless. Manassas National Battlefield Park is one of the places with magnificent scenery. This place was once a battlefield, and today it’s a beautiful park where you can enjoy it. Also, if you visit this place, be sure to visit Groveton, Brawner’s Farm, and Robinson House, which are also located here. The next scenic spot in Manassas is Bull Run Regional Park. This park covers more than 1,500 acres and is a wonderful place to spend a day outdoors enjoying the scenery around you. And another place in Manassas that we discovered on the official website of Manassas Virginia is Park Canon Branch and Earthwork Fort. Here you will see one of the two surviving Civil War forts in Manassas, from where the magnificent view spreads.

Great Falls

Great Falls can be said to be one of the best scenic places in Northern Virginia. This place is known for its nature, a large park, as well as numerous hiking and horse trails. It’s precise because of its natural features that Great Falls has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in VA. And the reasons why many visitors visit this place are the best scenic places like Great Falls, Riverbend Park, and Scott’s Run Nature Preserve. Also, based on Great Falls Reviews from Niche, residents of this city said that they like this place because of the silence, lots of open space, and safety. Also, they said that Great Falls is a very scenic area and that the Mall in the center of the city is the main attraction.

House in Great Falls that is one of the best scenic places in Northern Virginia
What is characteristic of houses in Great Falls is that you can have a wonderful scenery view from your yard.

In addition to being one of the best scenic places in Northern Virginia, Great Falls is one of the best choices for a place to live. Great Falls has very high living standards. But also, this place has high real estate prices, which, based on Niche data, start at $1,128,300. But in addition, this target brings you the possibility to earn up to $238,828 per year. And don’t forget that moving companies Great Falls are at your disposal. So don’t worry about your move.


If you look at the map of Clifton in Virginia, you will be able to see that the entire area of ​​this city is covered in green. Do you know what that means? This means that this small town offers you many green areas, clean air, and beautiful scenic views. Does it already occur to you that this could be a great place to live? Well, here’s why!

Property outside of city
If you decide to buy your property outside the city, it can be the best decision of your life.

Clifton has been one of the tourist favorite places in all of Virginia for years. And that is precise because of all the possibilities it offers, both to residents, visitors, and all newcomers. Here you can enjoy many parks, swimming pools, outdoor recreation, and much more. Also, when it comes to housing, here you can find your home in some of the neighborhoods like Little Rocky Run, and Balmoral or opt for your property. Do you know what that means? This means that you will have direct contact with nature and many, many scenic views. And if you want to enjoy beautiful views all the time, Clifton VA movers suggest you visit Hemlock Overlook Regional Park, Foamhenge, River Mill Park, Mason Neck State Park, as well as Oquuan Regional Park.

Other best scenic places in Northern Virginia you must visit

Whether you are planning to visit Northern Virginia, planning a long vacation in this place, or maybe you are planning to move here, there are several best scenic places that you must visit. Residential movers in North VA tell you that this isn’t something you should skip. And after the visit, you will find out why! So, here are some wonderful scenic places you must visit:

  • Shenandoah National Park. One of the most beautiful places in all of Virginia. Here you can enjoy the sunset and get acquainted with deer and other local animals, but your photo may also include a black bear, a secret resident of this area.
  • Assateague Island National Seashore. This place is located between Virginia and Maryland, and right on this coast, you can see the most beautiful landscapes. And unspoiled nature and magnificent views are represented here.
  • Huntley Meadows Park. This place is located in Alexandria, and it’s one of the most beautiful places in this city. Wetlands can be a very beautiful background for your photos and offer wonderful scenery.
  • Salamander Tree Top Zip Tours. This place will give you a beautiful party with a lot of adrenaline. Experience the Tree Top Zip Tour on the 20-hectare facility and enjoy the views above the trees.
Girl on zipline
In addition to the fact that Northern Virginia offers you the best scenic places, it also offers you a lot of fun and a large amount of adrenaline.

Which of these scenic places is your choice?

If we tried to single out all the attractions, and all the scenic places in Northern Virginia, our story would never end. That’s why we advise you to continue your research after the move. Because you will certainly have a lot to see, try and taste. Speaking of tastes, know that you will enjoy delicious dishes in Virginia. Maybe here is the most delicious food in the world? And now think about which of these scenic places in Northern Virginia you will choose. And, don’t forget, our moving company is at your disposal. At any time!


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