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Budget-friendly cities in Fairfax County for homebuyers

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Fairfax County is one of the most popular areas in Virginia that people move to. If you’re eyeing the area, it’s crucial to know which neighborhoods offer the best value. The costs of living are only going up. Between December 2022 and December 2023, the consumer prices for all items rose by 3.4%. That’s why finding budget-friendly cities in Fairfax County for homebuyers can make all the difference. Hiring movers Fairfax VA locals recommend will help you save initially on your move, but the right place will help you stretch your dollar further.

Why choose Fairfax County?

With a population surpassing 1.1 million, Fairfax County is an area where residents are set up for a good life. This area reflects prosperity, with a median household income of around $145,000, nearly double the national average of $75,000. Such economic strength reflects the high quality of life and the excellent opportunities available here.

Despite the area’s overall affluence, Fairfax County is strategically inclusive of budget-conscious homebuyers, offering pockets of affordability. The average home price stands at about $747,000, with rentals averaging around $2,800. Even though this is the average, there are far more affordable options, for those that are dedicated to searching for them. This range ensures that both renters and buyers can find options that don’t stretch their budgets too thin, making strategic house hunting essential in this economically diverse county.

Living in Fairfax County comes with numerous advantages that make the investment worthwhile. Its proximity to Washington, D.C., and other major cities provides residents with unparalleled access to some of the country’s best employment opportunities, particularly in sectors like technology, defense, and government. This proximity means shorter commutes and more time to enjoy the abundant local amenities.

The county is well known for its exceptional public school system, consistently ranked among the top in Virginia. This emphasis on educational excellence makes it a magnet for families eager to provide their children with top-tier educational opportunities. Furthermore, the area’s commitment to a high standard of living is evident in its well-maintained parks, numerous recreational facilities, and a vibrant cultural scene.

Landscape in Fairfax County
This county in Virginia is very prosperous.

Which city in Fairfax County suits you best?

Once you realize how you can benefit from living in Fairfax County, choosing the city that suits you best becomes essential. Here are the top budget-friendly cities in Fairfax County for homebuyers.


Centreville is the first on our list of places for budget-conscious buyers. It combines reasonable living costs with a quality of life that might surprise you. The median home price in Centreville sits at about $560,000, while rent costs $2,600 a month,  which is notably lower than in some of its neighboring areas. The housing market is also varied, with apartments and single-families homes being the most popular choices. If you are moving to this suburb, reputable moving companies Centreville VA locals rely on can help you move no matter the housing type chosen.


Herndon is located in the western part of Fairfax County. It is one of the less-known suburbs in the area, with only 24,000 residents. With a median home price of around $618,000, Herndon stands out as a more accessible option, compared to the area average. The higher prices here are justified by what the suburb offers. Here, you’ll find an array of parks, local shops, and excellent schools that cater to both young professionals and families. Herndon High, for example, is one of the highest-rated schools in the area.

Furthermore, Herndon’s strategic position near major transport routes enhances its appeal. This connectivity makes it an ideal choice for commuters working in the tech corridor or even in Washington D.C.


Next on the list of budget-friendly cities in Fairfax County for homebuyers is Springfield. This suburb offers an appealing mix of affordability and lifestyle. Even though a relatively small place, with only about 30,000 residents, people always come and go thanks to Springfield VA movers. This means that you will always have new people to meet.

Residential property prices here average around $710,000, providing an economical option for many. Renting, on the other hand, is more expensive than the area average, at $2,950. Because of this, 66% of the population own their homes, while only 34% rent.

Springfield is not just about affordable homes. It’s about a quality of life that includes:

  • Well-regarded public schools, with Springfield Estates Elementary School, being one of the best
  • Numerous parks and recreational facilities
  • Convenient shopping centers like Springfield Town Center
  • Easy access to major highways and public transportation
A person holding a key after buying a home in one of the budget-friendly cities in Fairfax County for homebuyers
Springfield has a median rent that is higher than the county average, so most people buy their homes here.


Burke is particularly appealing to families, offering a safe environment and a sense of community that’s hard to find elsewhere. The median home price here is about $775,000, which is reasonable considering the area’s amenities. Families value the high-ranking schools, the sports leagues, and the abundance of nature trails and parks. After you move with the help of one of the moving companies Burke VA residents trust, we recommend you to visit Burke Lake Trail one of the easiest hiking trails in the area.

Additionally, Burke hosts community events that foster a tight-knit community spirit. Burke Centre Festival has to be one of the best known locally.

Fairfax City

Fairfax City offers a slice of small-town America right within Fairfax County, making it one of the budget-friendly cities in Fairfax County for homebuyers. Here, you can enjoy the charm of a smaller community of 24,000 residents, while still benefiting from the amenities and conveniences of a larger urban area. Washington D.C is only 19 miles away, after all! The median home price in Fairfax City is about $824,500, providing a more affordable option for those who appreciate a historic vibe mixed with modern facilities.

Fairfax City is known for:

  • It has a strong local economy with various small businesses. You can either find employment in the nearby metropolitan area or find a job in Fairfax City, where the median home income is $128,000
  • Annual festivals that bring the community together, such as the Chocolate Lovers Festival and the Holiday Craft Show
  • Historic sites that offer a glimpse into Virginia’s rich history. We recommend visiting Fairfax Museum and Visitor Centre and The Old Town Hall first


This city is appealing to both history buffs and modern-day settlers. While slightly pricier with a median home price of around $705,000, Alexandria provides value through its beautifully preserved old town, waterfront views, and arts scene. This city is a cultural hub with easy access to Washington D.C. which is 7.8 miles away, making it ideal for commuters looking for a rich, engaging community to call home.

In Alexandria, you can expect:

  • A thriving arts community with many galleries, theaters, and boutiques
  • A range of dining options from upscale restaurants to cozy cafes
  • Excellent public transportation that simplifies commuting to D.C.
Buildings in Alexandria, VA, one of the top budget-friendly cities in Fairfax County for homebuyers.
Alexandria is one of the budget-friendly cities in Fairfax County for homebuyers


Chantilly is probably the most famous suburb in the area. With median home prices around $785,000, Chantilly is one of the least affordable places on the list, but it makes up for the high prices quite well. Namely, moving companies Chantilly VA residents hire are very busy helping numerous newcomers who want to call this city home. Chantilly provides its residents with a high quality of life regardless of their age. Here you can find excellent schools, top job opportunities, and various recreational activities.


Reston, designed as a planned community, offers a variety of housing options that cater to different budgets and lifestyles. The average home price in Reston hovers around $589,000, making it a feasible choice for many looking for budget-friendly cities in Fairfax County for homebuyers. Restons best features are its open spaces, parks, and communal areas, enhancing the quality of life for its residents.

Key features of Reston include:

  • A mix of single-family homes, townhouses, and condominiums
  • An integrated network of pathways for walking and biking
  • Numerous lakes like Lake Anne, Lake Audubon, and Lake Thoreau
  • A thriving town center that hosts community events and retail opportunities

Falls Church

Falls Church is a small city within Fairfax County with only 14,000 residents. With an average home price of around $1,172,500, it might seem a stretch at first glance. However, the quality of schools and the range of local services make it a worthwhile investment. Falls Church has a strong local economy with a median home income of $164,000, cultural events, and easy access to public transit systems that connect residents directly to the D.C. metro area. If you decide to move here, residential movers in Northern VA will help you go through the process smoothly and fast.

A street in Falls Church
The average home price here is higher than the county average.

Tysons Corner

Tysons Corner is a place for anyone who wants to be close to where the business is done in Fairfax County. It is home to important corporate headquarters and high-end shopping centers. So whether you are moving here to be closer to these job opportunities, or to enjoy the entertainment, know that our movers Tysons Corner VA locals praise are ready to assist you!

The dining experience is also great here, with Seasons 52 and Eddie V’s Prime Seafood being two of the most popular restaurants among locals. With a population of approximately 27,000, Tysons Corner offers housing options that range from luxury condos to modern apartments. Its proximity to Washington, D.C., only about 13 miles away, makes it a prime location for people who want to commute to work. The median home price in Tysons Corner is around $365,000, which is significantly lower than the previous options.

Fredericksburg is one of the most budget-friendly cities in Fairfax County for homebuyers

Fredericksburg is pretty cool if you’re into places that blend old charm with new vibes. It’s got a population of around 29,000, and the downtown area is always buzzing with shops, art galleries, and parks. It’s about 53 miles from D.C., so you get the chill, small-town feel but can still zip into the city when you need to. With this distance between Fredericksburg and D.C., it wouldn’t be the best place for people who want to commute. But, homes are reasonably priced—the average is around $446,500. So, it’s a solid spot if you want affordability without sacrificing the small-town feel. After you relocate with the help of one of the moving companies Fredericksburg VA residents usually book, it will only be a matter of time until you get to know the cashier in your local grocery store!

A street in Fredericksburg, one of the budget-friendly cities in Fairfax County for homebuyers.
Fredericksburg is the most affordable on the list.

Tips for finding affordable housing in Fairfax County

As you consider moving to one of the budget-friendly cities in Fairfax County, it’s crucial to strategize your home search to maximize your budget effectively.

  • Start by partnering with a real estate agent who’s deeply familiar with Fairfax County’s market. They can provide insights and access to listings that might not be widely advertised.
  • Make it a point to visit various neighborhoods. Walking around different areas gives you a real sense of the community and what each has to offer—things you won’t find out just from online listings.
  • Keep a close eye on market trends to time your purchase well. Buying during a slower market period can result in better deals. Also, attend local home-buying workshops. These can provide valuable information and connect you with other resources and potential discounts you weren’t aware of.
  • To cut down costs further, consider looking for properties that might need a bit of TLC if you’re comfortable with making some improvements yourself. Sometimes, these homes are priced lower, and with a bit of work, they can turn into your dream home while saving you money upfront.
  • Be mindful of additional costs associated with buying a home, such as property taxes and closing costs, which in Fairfax County can vary but typically include things like loan origination fees, title insurance, and recording fees. Fairfax County’s property taxes are relatively moderate, with the current rate at $1.14 per $100 of assessed value, but this can still add a significant amount to your annual expenses. Planning for these expenses in advance will prevent surprises down the road and help you budget more accurately.
A real estate agent speaking on the phone while sitting in the office.
It takes time to find the home of your dreams

Making Fairfax County your home will be well worth it

In conclusion, Fairfax County offers a range of budget-friendly options for homebuyers, but it also provides communities that enrich your life with their unique characteristics and amenities. Remember, the journey to finding your perfect home in one of the budget-friendly cities in Fairfax County for homebuyers involves understanding what each area offers and how it aligns with your lifestyle and financial goals.

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