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A mother and a girl packing

The ultimate packing checklist for a stress-free moving day

Packing is a very important part of every moving process. The way you prepare and organize your items plays a…

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A man gives five to a young woman while they are packing for a move.

Packing tips for an easy move from Annandale to Fredericksburg VA

One of the critical steps in every relocation process is efficient packing. If you conduct it properly, your belongings will…

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A woman and a girl packing while sitting on the floor.

What you need to pack for your first day in Northern Virginia

Are you preparing for your first day in Northern Virginia and wondering what to pack? Whether you're relocating or just…

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person putting a beige bauble on a Christmas tree

The best ways to pack your Christmas decoration for a move

Moving during the holiday season brings unique challenges, especially when it involves your cherished Christmas decorations. Understanding the best ways…

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a white dog looking through the window of a car

What to pack when moving with a pet

Moving with a pet involves special considerations to ensure their comfort and safety during the transition. Helix Moving and Storage…

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four pictures on a wall

How to pack pictures and paintings when moving to Northern Virginia

Moving your home to a new location is a big endeavor, and when that move involves transporting valuable pictures and…

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A mother and a daughter packing their kitchen for a move

How to pack your kitchen for a move from Burke VA

Moving presents many complexities, and among these, packing your kitchen stands out as particularly challenging. The room is often filled…

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Leaves of a plant

How to pack your plants for a move

When preparing for a move, it's easy to focus on large furniture, electronics, and personal belongings while overlooking the unique…

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An office ready to be packed

How to pack your office when moving from Annandale

Navigating the process of office relocation can often seem like a daunting task, especially when you're about to pack your…

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Person Holding Brown Paper Bag.

5 signs you need professional packers

Is this your first move? If so, you've probably heard how demanding packaging can be. Or you've moved several times…

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