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Do You Need Professional Packers For Your Next Move?

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You probably heard by now that packing is one of the trickiest parts of every relocation. No matter if you have a couple of boxes or an entire household to pack, the process is pretty much the same. Lack of experience and time can sometimes lead to packing stressing you out completely, and that is something you should avoid. Since nowadays relocations don’t have to be that difficult at all, there is a solution for packing as well. To answer the question do you need professional packers for your next move, here is everything you should know!

What to expect from the packing process?

It is completely normal to ask yourself why packing has to be so complicated. After all, it is your home, and you know the location of every single item and how to pack them properly. By the time movers in Northern Virginia arrive, your entire inventory should be properly packed and ready to go. The problem begins as soon as you start packing. A lot of people will be surprised by how many items they have, and how packing them is not so easy. Some will not fit the boxes you chose while others will need to be disassembled properly. All of this can create a lot of stress and anxiety and make you not enjoy packing at all.

couple holding two boxes
A lot of people claim that packing has to be the most difficult part of every relocation

Why do you need professional packers?

On the other hand, going with professional packers is a completely different story. They have enough experience, skills, and supplies to do it much faster and more effectively. Packing service Northern Virginia includes everything you need to make packing easy and smooth. Going with professional packers will give you much more time for some other tasks. People who moved recently know that time is essential during moving, and packing is famous for being super time-wasting. All you will need to do is provide the inventory list and schedule the date.

It is good to know that packers usually use the “one room at a time” method. By doing this, they are making sure you have all the time and space to do other things while they deal with the packing. There will be no junk left behind and all of your items will be perfectly safe.

Myths about packers people usually believe

Just like in any other business, you will come across some myths about professional packers that are nothing but false. The sooner you are aware of them, the better you will avoid coming across them. One of the most popular is that your items will not be safe in someone else hands. Maybe if we are talking about strangers and people without any experience. Professional packers, on the other hand, know how to deal with all kinds of items, no matter their size and usage. They are capable of:

  • Choosing proper packing supplies for your items
  • Carefully packing delicate and fragile ones
  • Securing boxes for transportation

So, even if you are having small moves Northern Virginia, make sure you have packers by your side. They can provide useful advice along the way, and make your relocation something you will remember forever.

woman surrounded with a lot of moving boxes as using them is why do you need professional packers
You will feel much better knowing that you can focus on some other things other than packing

Do you need professional packers when moving your business?

Moving or expanding your business is one of the most significant moments in your entire career. That means you are ready for new challenges and that your business is going down the right road. Moving is not the time to make mistakes, and packing your inventory could easily be one of them. Since office inventory is much different than household one, you will need a different approach. But dealing with special furniture items, equipment, and paperwork is not easy, and that is where professional packers come in. No matter if you are moving to or out of Northern Virginia, your business shouldn’t be disturbed during the process. Packers will make sure that your office inventory is properly packed and secured for the trip. And while you can supervise the entire thing, you will see that it would probably be too much work for you and your team.

packer putting label on the box
And if you wonder do you need professional packers for your office move, the answer is yes!

Consider your budget

Believe it or not, going with professionals when moving will save you a lot of money. You can easily come to this conclusion yourself by simply comparing the final costs. When moving, people usually don’t think about all those small expenses along the way, and that is exactly what is draining your pockets. So, when you ask yourself do you need professional packers for your items, think about your budget. You will not have to spend money on packing supplies, boxes, and all those other things you will need for packing. Later on, you will not have to clean each room and remove junk from the packing process.

When you pay for your packing service, things become pretty simple. You will immediately consider packing over and could proceed to wait for packers and movers to arrive. If you are going with local movers Northern Virginia, and your new home is relatively close, you can go and prepare it. Unpacking will be much easier once you know that everything is prepared and your items are on the way. 

Think carefully do you need professional packers for your relocation

After all, the decision about do you need professional packers is completely yours. If you believe that you can do it yourself and want to try out your skills, you should go with it. Make sure you have a good plan and a couple of backup solutions in case things become too complicated. Those going with packers can make a list of different categories for easier unpacking, but packers will label your boxes anyway. Make sure to inform them about some special items that need different packing methods, and those that are too expensive and valuable.

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How do you calculate the hours for my move?

The clock starts when our movers leave our dispatch facility. Time will end once move is complete at client designated destination. Time cannot be ended with furniture left in our vehicles.

Is there a credit card or deposit required to reserve a moving date?

Yes, some credit card information is indeed required. The reasoning of course is that once we have reserved that time slot for a certain mover, we are no longer able to schedule any other clients for that time. The reasoning is to ensure the company and the client. We understand that things happen that can not possibly be accounted for. We are flexible and more than willing to work with you. Though as a moving company, our jobs are obviously appointment based. So therefore had to implement a little bit of job security. All you need is a two days notice, otherwise there will be a fee.

How do you ensure the safety of my belongings?

Our movers will arrive in one of our trucks, fully stocked with the highest quality professional materials. We have a systematic way of treating each piece of furniture prior to moving it. This includes disassembly, padding and wrapping the furniture for protection. These procedures are also a stipulation of insurance coverage. Protection of furniture is mandatory.

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We do have a 48-hour cancellation policy. There will be a $50 fee for any violations. All we ask is for two days notice. We depend upon our scheduled reservations for our lively hood. We hope you understand.

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We accept credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express). We also accept: – Cash – Cashier’s checks – Postal money order

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