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Wine is a drink enjoyed all around the world. Some people just like to enjoy its taste, while others enjoy having a collection of this expensive beverage. Wine collections range from a few bottles to large cellars, and the prices ranges vary greatly. No matter its size and worth, a wine collection can cause headaches when moving comes around. The bottles are fragile and expensive – the worst combination for an uncertain time like moving. That’s why we always recommend the use of our dependable moving services in Northern Virginia. They have completed a dozen moves, and today they will offer their expert tips for moving your wine collection.

What should you know before moving your wine collection?

Aside from the fact that a collection is fragile and expensive, they always have an emotional value. This is far higher than any price tag, as it can leave you with bitter regret if something were to happen to it. Reliable packing services in Northern Virginia are here for you, just a call away. They can give you peace of mind when moving your wine collection as no one else can. But since many people want to do the DIY route, it is better to go into the process informed.

  • Use proper packing materials and techniques
  • Invest in climate control during transportation
  • Insurance is important
Picture of a wine collection
Collections always have a sentimental value

Proper materials and techniques go a long way

The best residential movers in Northern VA are the best for many reasons, but now we would like to highlight two – proper packing materials and packing techniques. If you want to be anything like the pros, then you need to invest in the best materials out there, preferably specialized for fragile items. Many people move wine collections; that’s why you can easily find specially designed wine boxes┬áthat make a great combination with packing foam and bubble wrap. Never try to save on packing materials with fragile items – if something, you should splurge, as they one of the few things standing between you, broken glass and spilled expensive wine!

Climate control is not a choice, it is a necessity

Even though there are climate-controlled vans that are available for rent, they can be difficult to find. This is the biggest advantage of hiring small moves Northern Virginia providers – they will bring everything needed for the move for one price. Same to this, professional wine movers always have climate-controlled vehicles that will ensure the safety and quality of your wine. But if you want to do it yourself, the closest you can get to the professional van are insulated cooling boxes.

Insurance is crucial

No matter what items you are moving, you should have insurance. But if you are moving wine, some liability coverage is a must. Full value protection is the most common form of insurance during a move, where your movers or the insurance company hired will be liable for the total replacement value of any lost or damaged item in your shipment.

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Moving your wine collection should never be done without insurance

Let the experts move your wine collection

As you might have noticed, we don’t recommend moving your wine collection by yourself. You can think that nothing bad will happen, but you can never be sure of that. Moving valuables is stressful, and sometimes, no matter how much you try, something bad will happen. So, instead of losing sleep, give some reputable, high-quality movers a call and let them deal with your precious wine bottles. You deserve to move in peace!


Helix was great!!

Helix was great!! We moved from VA to PA and they handled everything efficiently and effectively. We had some issues with freight elevators at both our old and new apartments and they were able to handle it well.

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