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Fairfax vs Arlington: where to buy a home

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Buying a home was always a considerable investment. Usually, people buy their first home in their 30s after working for a couple of years and saving some money. Of course, someone can buy it earlier in life and someone later. It doesn’t matter when you are going to buy it but rather the place. You have noticed a recent price increase in everything, especially property prices. Therefore, you need to find an excellent place to invest your money. Also, as you buy a home, you will move and live there. So, it would be best if you found a good living place with affordable housing options, excellent education, a growing local economy, etc. Most of these factors can be applied when describing Northern Virginia. Now, prepare for relocation with movers Northern Virginia and choose between Fairfax vs Arlington.

Fairfax vs Arlington- what is a better option in Northern Virginia?

Northern Virginia is one of the best places to live currently. Some of the things to confirm this statement are excellent education options, a growing economy, job opportunities, etc. For this reason, Northern Virginia is an excellent place to buy a home for living or renting. If you decide to move here, local movers Northern Virginia are there to make your relocation pleasant and stress-free. Now, as Northern Virginia is not just one city but a place made of a couple of towns and counties, you need to know the best place for you. Arlington and Fairfax are often found on a list of the best places to live and buy a property in Northern Virginia. While both are located in Northern Virginia, they are not the same. Therefore, it’s impossible to say which option is the better option as you need to make that decision.

Man holding a small house in his hands
Northern Virginia has excellent places to buy a home

Is Fairfax a good place for you?

Fairfax takes third place among the best places to live in Northern Virginia. The population is quite significant and it was more than 1 000 000 according to the latest census. Now, you need to know a few things about Fairfax before you move there with movers Fairfax VA. First, Fairfax is not an affordable place to live by any standards. It’s one of the most expensive counties in the USA. However, the median home income is also high, around $100 000.

For this reason, the median home prices are around $650 000—the price changes depending on the year and month. For example, home prices have gone up by about 17% since last year. The housing market has slowed down a little bit, as only around 80 homes were sold this September while more than 100 were sold at the same time last year.

What should you know about Arlington?

Arlington County is one of the best places to live in the USA and Northern Virginia. However, with these titles comes a higher living cost, especially home prices. The population is smaller than in Fairfax, with around 250 000 residents. However, Arlington is more expensive than Fairfax. The median home value is about $800 000, but the prices can go up to $1 500 000.

Additionally, there has been an increase in home prices of 4% since last year. For this reason, the housing market is also a little slower this year. However, a slower housing market won’t stop prices from increasing even more. So, if you are planning to move here with movers Arlington VA, you should buy your home before the price increases. When you start living in Arlington, you will see that these high home prices are justified to some degree.

picture of bridge and buildings
Fairfax vs Arlington- Arlington is more expensive than Fairfax

What Fairfax has to offer?

Now that you know about the housing market in Fairfax, you should learn a little about life there. First, Fairfax is the perfect place to start a family and raise kids. Crime rates are meager and it’s a safer place than Arlington. The next factor is one of the best public schools in the surrounding area, which is very important for families with kids. As you need to pay for living costs, you will need to find a job. The unemployment rate is low at only 2,4%. Fairfax has an excellent job market as it’s home to many Washington companies. Suppose you, by chance, can’t find a job in Fairfax. In that case, you can easily commute to Washington D.C. An easy commute is possible because of Fairfax Connector and other excellent public transport services.

Is living in Arlington great?

The answer to this question is yes, as you have expected. As Arlington is an affluent area, the living conditions must be excellent. Arlington is attractive to young professionals, families, and seniors. First, the crime rates are low, which is especially important for families and seniors. Next, public schools are one of the best, and your kids can learn from the best teachers. Finally, the shopping and food scene can only be amazing. Arlington is an excellent place to look for a job or to open your business. Commuting to Washington D.C. is short as it’s usually about 15 min. So, you have the option of either working in Washington D.C., or Arlington. Some of the job options in Arlington are in the following companies:

  • The Pentagon
  • the United States Department of Defense
  • Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport
bycicle in the street
Arlington is one of the best places to live in Northern Virginia

What is the best option for you?

It’s hard to choose Fairfax vs Arlington. Both places are equally significant, and you are the one who must make the final decision. Fairfax is a little bit less expensive than Arlington if the cost of living is a decisive factor for you. However, both places have high median income, and you will probably be able to afford good homes. Also, the location is similar, and both are close to Washington D.C. For this reason, the best way to decide is to visit both places and see which one you like the best.


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