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Family-friendly moving destinations in Fairfax County

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Fairfax County has to be at the top of your list if you’re considering moving to a new home base that is perfect for families. Luckily, trustworthy movers Fairfax VA locals recommend can help you achieve this goal easily and without any stress. Fairfax County, which is highly recommended for families, offers a robust educational system, a secure atmosphere, and abundant leisure options. We’ll go into detail here on the top family-friendly moving destinations in Fairfax County.

What do families need when relocating?

When you move with your family, finding a new house is just the start. Families typically prioritize safe neighborhoods, excellent schools, affordability, and activities suitable for children and Fairfax County excels in all these areas.

Fairfax County has crime rates significantly lower than the national average. There you can find some of the highest-rated public schools in the state. The average home price for the area is $739,000, but it varies across places.

Parks and recreational facilities dot almost every community. Libraries, museums, and cultural centers offer educational and entertaining activities.

A happy family after moving to one of the top family-friendly moving destinations in Fairfax County
Families have specific needs when moving to a new place.

Where should you move?

Based on what families expect when choosing a new place to live, we have created a list of top family-friendly moving destinations in Fairfax County. Here are some excellent places to choose from.


Every family looking for a place to move to should consider Reston. It is a place that offers a balanced lifestyle. But the thing that stands out for the most is the schools. Reston schools are part of the Fairfax County Public Schools system. As you might expect, it is the largest in Virginia. It always ranks high on scoreboards. Many of the schools in this system have more than a 90% graduation rate. These schools also offer placement courses and additional programs, so every student can find something they like.

Outdoor activities also don’t disappoint. The community here enjoys over 1,300 acres of open spaces. They come in the form of parks, lakes, and trails. The Reston Association takes care of 55 miles of biking, walking, and jogging pathways.

If you love shopping with your family from time to time, make sure to visit the Reston Town Center. Here, you can find over 50 retail shops, and over 30 restaurants and cafes. Everyone will find something they love. Jackson’s Mighty Fine Food and Lucky Lounge is a local favorite if we are looking at the number of positive reviews.

Healthcare is very important for families, too. The Reston Hospital Center serves this town. Here you can get medical services of all kinds, including emergency care.

Housing is the first thing that you should worry about when moving to a new place, and luckily, Reston has a wide array of choices. The price of an average home in the area is $585,500. It might seem like much, but compared to Washington D.C. – it is affordable. Renters won’t be disappointed either, seeing as the average apartment costs $2,600 per month.

A street in Reston
Reston is one of the more affordable family-friendly moving destinations in Fairfax.


Clifton in Fairfax County is yet another great place for families to call home. This community offers:

  • Great education: Same as Reston, the schools in this suburb are part of the Fairfax County Public Schools system. The average SAT score for students of these schools is 1210, above the national average. Clifton Elementary, for example, offers a strong base for young minds, teaching them everything they need to know to thrive.
  • Low crime rates: This suburb is very well known for its low crime rates, seeing as it is well below the average in the USA. While property crimes are a bit more frequent, violent crimes are almost non-existent.
  • Plenty of events: Clifton is very well known for the Clifton Day Festival. This is an annual event that presents local artisans, music, and fun for the whole family!
  • Spaces for enjoying the outdoors: Kids should spend at least an hour outside every day, and thanks to Bull Run Regional Park being nearby, that won’t be hard at all. Health, Happiness, and Hooves Farms is also a must-visit, for kids and adults who enjoy interactions with horses.
  • High housing costs: Not everything is ideal, and in this case – we are talking about the prices. You can expect to pay $953,000 for a home here, but this only shows how desirable the area is. If you can afford it, nothing is stopping you from moving here! Also, Clifton VA movers stand ready to assist you, no matter if it is an apartment or a house that you are moving into!
A kid is doing homework
Schools in Clifton are highly rated


Chantilly is yet another suburb of Washinton D.C. that is home to approximately 23,000 people. Seeing as 25% of the population here is aged 17 and below- you can see that many families live here.

One of the first things that families are looking for is a good education, and Chantilly certainly has it. A standout is Chantilly High School. 95% of the students here graduate, which is a great statistic. Schools in this area are famous for having access to modern technology resources.

Time together outdoors is easily achieved here, thanks to the large parks, hiking trails, sports fields, etc. Ellanor C. Lawrence Park offers all of these facilities, and it is also home to a large number of wildlife species.

Chantilly is often considered a safe, family-oriented suburb, mostly due to the fact that it has a below-average crime rate. Violent crimes are very rare, so you will always feel safe on the streets. No matter if one of the moving companies Chantilly VA locals rely on dropped your items a few days ago, or if you are a long-time resident, you will always feel safe here.

Daily convenience is within easy reach, but you will likely need a car to get there. The Greenbriar Town Center has stores of all kinds and even restaurants where you can grab a bite while shopping.


Centreville made it to our list of the best family-friendly moving destinations in Fairfax County because it offers everything a family might need, no matter how old the kids are. Compared to previous suburbs and towns, Centreville has a population of 73,000 residents, which makes it a more densely populated area. But this is not always a bad thing.

You can find a home here for $583,500. Seeing as 74% of the population here own their homes, it is clear that this is a good choice. Renting is also worthwhile, seeing as a month costs $2,600 – which might seem like much, but it is actually lower than in the nearby metropolitan area.

Unsurprisingly, moving companies Centreville VA locals book are always busy relocating people from or to this area. Even though the population declined by 1.57% between 2020 and 2021, the population is slowly going up again.

Education in this suburb is everything a parent could wish for their kids. The best schools in the area are Centreville High School and Lightridge High School. These schools have the resources and teachers that will prepare your kids for future education.

Centre Ridge North Park is great for everyone who wants to help their kids get tired of bedtime. Whether you have toddlers or teenagers, everyone will benefit from some family time in the sunshine.

Flowers and trees in one of the family-friendly moving destinations in Fairfax County.
Hiking is a local favorite in this part of Virginia.

Great Falls

If you are looking for one of the best family-friendly moving destinations in Fairfax County, but are within a budget, Great Falls likely isn’t for you. A home here costs $1.7 million, on average. Rent isn’t much more affordable either, averaging $3,150 a month. But there is a good side to this – lower population density, more spacious homes, and good value for your money. On top of that, the median home income in the suburb is $250,000!

The highest-rated school in the area is Langley High School. It is not located in this suburb, but in McLean, which is only 7.7 miles away. Commuting to school is easy, seeing as most people here own a car. You will also need that car to get to Great Falls Park, every local’s favorite weekend spot. This is not a regular park, but a national park along the Potomac River. Whether it is that you want to enjoy hiking, picnicking, or just spending time in nature – rest assured that this is a great place.

For all the art enthusiasts in the area, the Great Falls Studios Art Tour is a great time to be here. It is an annual celebration, where people can see local talent. But since it is so popular locally, the area tends to get congested during this time, especially if looking for a parking spot. All of the movers Great Falls VA residents trust to complete their moves use sizeable trucks or vans, so try to book parking ahead of time, if you plan to move while the festival takes place.


Vienna is one of the smallest suburbs on our list, home to only about 16,000. If you want to get to know your community more personally, this is the right place to be. Even though small, many people come and go thanks to reputable moving companies Vienna VA residents speak highly of so there are always new people to meet.

Schools in Vienna are like in all the other previously mentioned suburbs, but James Madison High School stands out. Students here constantly outperform the national averages in academics and extracurricular achievements.

Vienna is well known locally as the host of two big festivals, Vienna Halloween Parade and Viva! Vienna! Festival. Both of these festivals are good for both adults and kids.

To all these great things in this suburb, there is a bad side – the housing price. Even though lower than in Great Falls, the median home price stands at $1 million. But this doesn’t discourage 81% of the population from owning their home.

Additionally, the Washington & Old Dominion Railroad Regional Park provides a green space for biking and jogging, stretching through the heart of Vienna. The town’s proximity to the Tysons Corner Center, one of the largest shopping malls in the U.S., adds to its appeal by providing easy access to shopping and dining options.

A place in Vienna VA
The green spaces here offer space for various activities

How to evaluate school districts and educational opportunities?

When you’re considering moving to a new place, schools are often at the top of your priority list. As we mentioned, Fairfax County has some of the best schools in the nation, and it’s crucial to evaluate what each district offers to find the best fit for your children.

Here are some tips on how to evaluate school districts:

  • Visit schools: Take a tour of the schools during school hours to observe the environment and teaching style.
  • Check scores and programs: Look at test scores, available extracurricular programs, and special education services.
  • Talk to parents: Speak with parents in the neighborhood to get firsthand accounts of their children’s experiences.

Remember, the right school can make a significant difference in your child’s academic and social development. As you look into family-friendly moving destinations in Fairfax County, take the time to thoroughly assess what educational opportunities each area has to offer. This step is not just about finding a good school but finding the right community for your family to thrive in.

How to find housing?

As you consider moving to Fairfax County, understanding the housing market and its affordability is crucial. The area offers a range of housing options, from high-end estates in areas like McLean and Great Falls to more modest, yet equally family-oriented homes in Centreville and Chantilly.

To navigate this diverse market:

  • Research online: Utilize real estate websites to get an initial feel of the pricing and available properties.
  • Consult local experts: Real estate agents and other locals can provide insights that are not obvious online.
  • Consider proximity to work and schools: This can significantly impact your family’s daily life and budget due to commuting costs.

When planning a long-distance move within the region, long distance movers Northern Virginia residents trust offer services that can help minimize the stress associated with such a significant transition. They can handle everything from packing to transporting your belongings securely, no matter the housing type you choose.

House keys next to a clock
You can find housing online, or with the help of local real estate experts

Which one of the family-friendly moving destinations in Fairfax County will you choose?

As you can see, all of the family-friendly moving destinations in Fairfax County have something unique to offer. But one is for sure, they are all great places for families to call home! Evaluate your needs, and choose a place that truly suits your family’s lifestyle.

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