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House-hunting in Fairfax: dos and donts

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Every spring starts the new season of house hunting! When the weather gets nice and warmer, and days a little longer people start moving. And that is the perfect time to sell, rent, buy, and move home. But when it comes to house-hunting in Fairfax, the dos and donts are not always as clear or known to people. So we have decided to help you out with some information that will be quite useful for you! Who knows maybe that will help you find the perfect home to move into, with the help of reliable movers in Fairfax! So read this article and learn what are the things that you should pay attention to when you go house-hunting.

Welcome to Fairfax

If you look at Virginia you will notice Fairfax is a suburb of Washington, D.C. This beautiful place is one of the best places to move to in the county. With 23,580 residents, the city gives a suburban feeling, but at the same time, it offers the benefits of a big city. The small distance from the nation’s capital is also a good thing! As it offers affordable living expenses, and people can commute and work in a bigger city. So many people from Washington move here to enjoy the slow and peaceful lifestyle, and at the same time, they maintain their big city jobs. So there is no reason to hesitate, hire professional movers such as Helix Moving and Storage Northern Virginia and relocate to this amazing place.

Buildings under the blue sky
There are many beautiful homes on the market. So you will definitely find your dream one.

Make a budget

Before you start house-hunting in Fairfax, make a budget! Going in blind will waste a lot of time. Not only yours but the relators, homeowners, and other potential buyers. How so? Well if you just randomly go and look at homes you are not doing anything beneficial. Looking at homes that are quite cheap is pointless if you want something better, on the other hand going to see homes you are well aware you can’t afford is even worse.

So make sure to sit down and make a careful assessment of your needs, and make a budget you will be happy about. Although sometimes we can find homes that are a little more expensive, and end up moving into them, it doesn’t mean we should go see homes well out of our budget. The relator will inform you if there is a home, he thinks you can afford. Even if it’s a little off your previous plans. And if they are offering it then there is no need to decline seeing it.

Leave your kids at home

Don’t bring your kids to open homes! And we can’t express this enough. The only time it is okay to bring kids is if you think you found the perfect home, and are close to buying it and contacting residential movers in Northern VA. But in other cases, we strongly believe that kids should not be there at any other time! Bringing them will just make things harder for everyone involved. And it will take too much time away from looking at the homes properly. 

Family holding hands
Bringing your kids when you go house-hunting in Fairfax will be stressful for you.

Respect the sellers

We should always be respectful of people around us. And that also applies when house-hunting in Fairfax. Respect the home as well as the sellers. For example, you may encounter sellers that require you to take your shoes off before walking inside. And that is okay! At the same time respect their privacy as well. Don’t walk everywhere alone. Opening closets and drawers and cabinets is also looked down upon. Although the home is on the market, they still own it and live in it! So make sure you behave properly and avoid placing anyone in an uncomfortable situation.

Keep your opinion to yourself

While in someone’s home don’t voice out your thoughts. Even if they are good ones like “I like this place so much I’ll contact small moves Northern Virginia providers now!” Keep those thoughts to yourself. You see, in situations like this, you never know who can hear you. Sometimes people even leave baby monitors around the home so they can hear inside. So avoid saying anything bad or good! Of course, you can voice out questions and some concerns, in some cases. But most of the time being neutral is the best. Only after leaving should you voice your opinions to the relator. And he should take them into consideration when looking at further homes.

Women talking about house-hunting in Fairfax
You should tell your sales agent about your likes and dislikes before looking at any homes.

Don’t bring food, drinks, or company

Some of the most disrespectful things you can do when house hunting is entering a home with food or drinks. What will you do if you spill it somewhere? These people have many potential buyers, and what will they think if people see a dirty carpet, floor, wall, etc? At the same time bringing company you didn’t mention prior to that is also rude. You and your partner are usually enough people! But in some cases with proper notice bringing other people can be okay as well.

Don’t make yourself at home

Since you are house-hunting in Fairfax, be aware that none of those homes are still yours! And that means some boundaries should exist. Don’t stretch out and lay down on sofas or beds. Also before actually buying a home in Fairfax County avoid using the bathrooms, don’t open things, play the piano, look in the fridge, and so on. And if you find a home you like, talk to your realtor, and after signing a contract make it your home.

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