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How to navigate the Fairfax real estate market and find your dream home

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The real estate market is constantly changing in all the states in the USA, and Virginia is not an exception. With the prices that go up, the sales are decreasing. However, for some, this can be a great time to use the situation on the market and purchase a home. If you decide on buying in Northern Virginia, there are high ranking moving companies in NoVA that can be at your disposal should you need any moving help. One of the best places to buy a home in VA is Fairfax. Nevertheless, you need to be well-prepared and research the market well before you decide which house to buy. Fortunately, as moving company experts, reliable movers from Fairfax can help you learn how to navigate the Fairfax real estate market, get all the information, and find your dream home.

What are the ways to search for your dream home?

Before you start looking for your dream home, you will be glad to know that there are many ways to do so. However, if you don’t have experience, you might won’t know where to start and it all can get overwhelming. That is why you need help from movers in one of the most reliable moving companies in Fairfax VA. As experienced moving experts, they know what are the ways to navigate the real estate market. Some of the ways to search for your dream home are:

  • Online resources for browsing listings,
  • Working with a local real estate agent,
  • Attending open houses and home tours,
  • Driving through neighborhoods.
A woman standing next to a hom efor sale sign
Find a reliable real estate agent and you will know how to navigate the Fairfax real estate market

Online resources for browsing listings

Many websites that can help you understand the real estate market and find your dream home easily can be found. However, not all of them are accurate, so you have to double-check before you take an action. You can investigate further, but we have chosen some of the best websites that can help you find your home. Also, it is important to know that 51% of people who bought a home lately did so thanks to online resources.

So, one of the best online resources is the Zillow website. It is good because it’s easy to navigate, and buyers, sellers, landlords, and renters all can find everything they need with all the necessary information. The most accurate one is because it uses MLS listings from 580 databases. If you want to rent and not buy, is a great choice because it has additional information, not just about the price and size of the real estate, but also about the neighborhood.

Working with real estate agents

One of the fastest and safest ways to purchase your dream home in Fairfax is to work with a real estate agent. It may seem unnecessary and you might think there is no need to count paying a realtor into your budget. However, they know how to navigate the Fairfax real estate market, and you can save up, because you will probably find a home faster and you don’t have to be the person to appear on site every time there is a home that might seem appropriate.

Attending open houses and home tours

Attending open houses and home tours is something you should take seriously and use every opportunity to do so. This might not be the quickest way, but sometimes you may come across a house you didn’t even know you needed. That is why attending home tours can be a good way to find a home.

A brick house in Fairfax
There are all types of houses in Fairfax

Driving through neighborhoods

If you know which neighborhood in Fairfax you want to live in, or you have a few options, driving through them can be a great way to navigate the real estate market and find a home. There can be signs that show a certain house is for sale and you can see it right away. Again, this can be time-consuming, but you never know what hidden gem can catch your eye.

Understand and learn how to navigate the Fairfax real estate market

The good news is that at the beginning of 2023, home prices in Fairfax decreased by 4.6%. The median home price is $587 000 at the moment. Despite that fact, the homes are listed longer than in the previous year and fewer houses are sold. For instance, in February 2022, 65 homes were sold, while this year that number reduced to 42. To navigate the market successfully, you need to know:

  • Types of homes available. There are all types of homes available in Fairfax, and whichever option you choose, residential movers in Northern VA will be there to help you relocate. You can choose from homes with one to 5 bedrooms, townhomes, condos, apartments, and multi-family houses. It all depends on your preferences, budget, and the type of your family.
  • Average home prices and market trends. There are currently 19,710 homes listed in Fairfax. The average listing price is $605,010. However, there were 2,116 price reductions since the beginning of the year, which can be a good sign for you to start searching right away.
  • Popular neighborhoods in Fairfax. Some of the best neighborhoods in Fairfax are the Town of Vienna, Kent Gardens, and Mantua. In the Town of Vienna, you can find a home for $600 000, if you are lucky. However, that kind of house will need a lot of reparations and more realistic options are the houses that cost from $1.1 to $1.9 million. In Mantua, the most affordable houses go from $800,000, while in Kent Gardens you would have to pay between $1.2 and $1.4 million.

Reliable movers can help you while you are looking for a home in Fairfax

As moving company experts, movers in Fairfax can help you in many ways. First of all, they are local moving companies with local knowledge. This means they know the area very well, know where people are moving to, and which places are not that popular. They also know average prices and when is the best time to buy a house in Fairfax. Trustworthy movers also can recommend trusted real estate agents, if you don’t want to rely on websites. Also, they can offer assistance with scheduling and coordinating home viewings. Most importantly, they will conduct your moving moving process with white-glove service stress-free, once you find your dream home and decide to relocate. Even when you need small moves Northern Virginia, they will be by your side and offer you all the help possible.

A woman holding for sale sign
With the right assistance, you can easily find a dream home in Fairfax

Finding your dream home in Fairfax is simple with the right assistance

You have seen how to navigate the Fairfax real estate market and what are some tips for finding a dream home easily. Don’t be afraid to search, investigate, and ask for help, especially your movers. A good opportunity will most certainly come, especially when you have experts from a moving company in Fairfax who can assist you.

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