How to pack china when moving?

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Apart from ordinary dishware, china usually has higher sentimental value. And a lot of it has been passed from generation to generation. So, the chances are that you also have them. Also, most people are using them only occasionally. For example, for some important celebrations, such as birthdays or Christmas celebrations. And most of them encounter problems of how to pack china when moving. Luckily, Helix Transfer and Storage can help you pack and transport china. And, in case you decide to pack china yourself, here are some tips. Following them, you will safely pack your valuable items.

Tips on how to pack china when moving

Here are a few easy steps to follow when packing your china. The aim is to pack them safely. And to find them in perfect condition once you unpack them in your new home. So, you should:

  1. collect packing supplies and set up the packing area
  2. cut packing paper into several, required sizes
  3. wrap the plates and bowls
  4. wrap the cups and serving dishes
  5. prepare moving box for china
  6. seal the moving box and label it

Maybe you still don’t feel confident. Or does all this looks too complicated to you? If so, you can always count on the best packing service in Northern VA providers. With them by your side, you will be relaxed by knowing that your valuables are in the hands of experts.¬†

A collection of vintage cups and saucers as a symbol of how to pack china when moving.
China seta usually has great sentimental value.

Collect packing supplies and set up the packing area

This small preparation will help you to pack your china faster. First, make sure that you have enough packing materials, such as moving boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, etc. Once you have enough supplies, clean the parking area. When setting up the packing area, you can use a table. Or a counter in the kitchen. It is also excellent if you can have someone helping you. The usual practice of reliable residential movers in Northern VA is that one person is wrapping the china. And the second one is placing them inside the moving box. That way, the job is going faster.

Cut packing paper into several, required sizes

Count how many cups, plates, and other items you have. Also, see what size of packing paper you will need for each kind of item. After that, cut enough paper squares. This will help you to pack china faster.

Wrap the plates and bowls

To wrap plates and bowls, put them on paper, face down. Fold in the paper corners, and seal them at the center of the dish bottom. The technique is simple and effective.

Wrap the cups and serving dishes

Use the rolling technique to wrap cups and serving dishes. When they are wrapped completely, push the rest of the paper roll inside the cup. Filled up from the inside, it will be less prone to breaking.

Fine china tea ware.
With proper packing, your china will safely reach your new home.

Prepare moving box for china

Before placing packed china inside the box, seal its bottom. Also, add some packing material inside, to make the bottom soft and more protective for china. Only after that, you can start putting china inside. Never overload the box, and don’t squeeze china. Otherwise, it will easily break up. Fill in all the empty spaces in the box, using packing paper, or protective peanuts. padding. Also, add some more packing paper at the top, before closing the box leads.

Seal the moving box and label it

Seal the leads on the top of the moving box. After that, make sure to label it properly, The best is to use a marker and write THIS SIDE UP, and FRAGILE. That way, the local moving companies Northern Virginia will know that they have to pay special attention when moving those boxes.

Your china is ready for moving

Following those simple instructions on how to pack china when moving you will be able to pack it properly. However, you can always hire professional packers. Since they are skilled, your china will be packed properly. And it will safely reach your new home.


Helix was great!!

Helix was great!! We moved from VA to PA and they handled everything efficiently and effectively. We had some issues with freight elevators at both our old and new apartments and they were able to handle it well.

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