How to spot fake moving reviews?

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The moving industry is a very competitive one. So, no wonder that we can see various attempts to attract customers. Knowing that many people will rely on reviews, some companies are misusing them. Some are leaving overly positive reviews about themselves. And they are usually posting them on various platforms. Some, on the contrary, post overly negative reviews. About the competition, of course. And, as a person ready to move, you will use those platforms. Your hope is to find reliable moving and storage Northern Virginia company. But, how you can tell if the reviews are genuine? And, how to spot fake moving reviews? Here, we will provide some tips. They will help you to “read between the line”.

Finding the right movers using the reviews

In case you know someone who was moving recently, ask about their experience. The people you know, neighbors, relatives, and friends, will give you accurate information. So, if they are recommending the best residential movers in Northern VA, you won’t make mistake hiring them. But, in case you don’t have anyone to help you in this way, you’ll have to rely on reviews. First, every serious moving company has its website. So, start from there. The first things to check will be:

  • do they offer the service that you need
  • reviews posted on their website
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Read as many reports as you can and compare them.

After that, you will have to continue with checks. And, that means that you should find several platforms where customers are posting their reviews. And, read as many reports as you can. It might be tiering. And it is time-consuming. But, it is better to lose time, than become a victim of fraudulent movers.

So how to spot fake moving reviews?

We already learned that moving reviews can be very beneficial. However, you also must learn how to differentiate between genuine and fake ones. So, here are several tips that can help you to choose some of the highly ranking local movers Northern Virginia. When reading reviews pay attention to:

  1. Overly positive ones – overly complimentary, beware as they’re usually fake
  2. Overly negative ones – usually fake, and designed to belittle other companies
  3. Excessively descriptive reviews – likely fabricated, as genuine reviews usually give a summary of positive or negative experiences
  4. Check the publication time and date – fake reviews are usually posted on many platforms on the same date and time
  5. Fictitious names and addresses – fake reviews are posted by people who don’t actually exist
  6. Uncommon language – ordinary people would, when describing real moving experiences, use ordinary language
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Learning how to spot fake moving reports will help you to find reliable movers.

So, those are the usual red flags. Spot them, and check the reports for the same company on several other platforms. Finding the long stories without detail, posted all around is the sign to cross off that company from your list. That way, you will spare yourself from possible inconvenient situations. And, even from losing your property. Or from paying ransom to the cons.

Finding the right movers

Luckily, there are also many honest reports. And, reading enough of them, you will start to realize which ones are genuine. Once you have 3-4 companies remaining on your list, give them a call. Be resolute to visit them in their office. Reliable small moves Northern Virginia providers will be pleased to welcome you to their premises. The scammers won’t be able to do so, as they usually don’t have an office.

Reviews are often used to build the online reputation

It goes without saying that reviews are useful tools. They can help you to find the desirable company, once you learn how to spot fake moving reviews. However, we can see a similar phenomenon in many other industries. Namely, many companies are using reviews for online reputation management. And, once you learn how to read reviews related to the moving industry, you will be able to apply the skills in reading reviews of other industries too.


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