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Last minute moving tips: how to move quickly

Moving done

More often than you think, people do not have enough time to plan their move in detail and devote months of their lives to coming up with a perfect plan. Sometimes you are too busy; sometimes, the movement is sudden. However, there is no reason to panic because there are many last minute moving tips that you can benefit from and make this quick move easier. Helix Moving and Storage Northern VA is here to share those tips.

A quick checklist is among the best last minute moving tips

Even though you don’t have enough time to make a detailed and lengthy list, some form of a checklist or to-do list should be with you. This will help you be less stressed while figuring out last minute moving tips and doing everything fast. If you don’t have enough time to pack your items, you search for a packing service North Virginia can offer and make a move smoother. With packing assistance, you can better focus on other tasks.

Laptop, coffe, phone and notepad
Making a quick checklist will help you when moving in a rush.

This doesn’t have to be a list for every little thing. It’s enough to write down the most important points and give yourself some timeframes to better organize the limited time. This will also help you feel relieved once you check off the things you’ve done.

Get rid of things you no longer want

Removing unnecessary items is one of the most useful last minute moving tips. No matter if it is clothes, furniture, or appliances, whatever is no longer serving its purpose or you don’t find necessary, remove it. You can do this by contacting local appliance removal services, organizing a yard sale, selling online, etc. This is also an excellent way to make extra bucks to help you while moving.

If you aren’t looking to make money, you can always give these items to an organization or a person in need. However, if you are too busy with the move and don’t have time for this, you should ask a friend to help you since these items can be a burden while moving and even after if you have nowhere to place them.

A girl carrying sweaters
One of the best last minute moving tips is removing clothes and items you no longer need.

Don’t bother too much with sorting

You’ll have to pack independently if you haven’t hired professional packing assistance. In this case, you must be quick rather than organized. So, don’t overthink about sorting everything out and making it perfect; it’s important only that you pack everything necessary. If you have adequately decluttered, you will have fewer things to pack, so this should not be an issue. Of course, you should not make it impossible to sort items out later, but stay more focused on packing than folding and sorting.

Last minute moving tips for packing

There are a few good last minute moving tips when packing your stuff. These can save you time and stress:

  • One room at a time. Pack the things you use least first.
  • Wrap fragile items in soft clothes or bed sheets, blankets, etc.
  • You can use suitcases or big bags to pack clothes and shoes.
  • You can use plastic bins if you don’t have the proper packing boxes.

These are not the best solutions, but they work in situations like this. However, if you can hire your movers for packing as well, that would be a win-win. They will have all the needed professional packing supplies and save you time. You can focus on cleaning up your old apartment or setting up the new one while they take care of packing.

Leave your old place clean and have the new one ready

Make sure to leave your old apartment or house clean. You can spare some time and do this on your own, or you can hire cleaning services to do it for you. It’s best to do this after you have packed and removed everything. Preparing for moving and packing will create some mess, so make sure you don’t have to clean up twice.

Your new place should be prepared for your arrival as well. Make sure the utilities are set at your new home so you can start settling down as soon as you arrive. This doesn’t mean everything needs to be perfect, but things such as electricity, gas, water, and internet should be up and running to make it more convenient for your arrival. All local moving companies North Virginia offers have always advised their customers to ensure this is done before the move.

One of the most useful last minute moving tips is hiring professional movers

When moving in a hurry, professional movers can save the day. Aside from packing, they can assist you with everything that’s move related and ease it up for you. For all the big or small moves North Virginia facilitates, you can find the best match and have movers plan and execute your move together.

Movers are one of the most useful last minute moving tips
Hiring professional movers is one of the most important last minute moving tips.

You must hire movers who are reliable and professional. Even though it’s an urgent move and you might not want to research too much, unskilled movers can complicate this move for you. Therefore, look for moving companies in Northern Virginia with good reviews and needed equipment. You might have heavy or delicate items that need to be moved with extra care. For this reason, it’s important to hire movers with the knowledge and supplies to safely complete the move.

With these simple last minute moving tips, your move should be a bit more smooth. Helix Moving and Storage is always available to offer you more tips and advice on executing the most efficient move. You can always get in touch with us and ask for more details and information.

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How do you calculate the hours for my move?

The clock starts when our movers leave our dispatch facility. Time will end once move is complete at client designated destination. Time cannot be ended with furniture left in our vehicles.

Is there a credit card or deposit required to reserve a moving date?

Yes, some credit card information is indeed required. The reasoning of course is that once we have reserved that time slot for a certain mover, we are no longer able to schedule any other clients for that time. The reasoning is to ensure the company and the client. We understand that things happen that can not possibly be accounted for. We are flexible and more than willing to work with you. Though as a moving company, our jobs are obviously appointment based. So therefore had to implement a little bit of job security. All you need is a two days notice, otherwise there will be a fee.

How do you ensure the safety of my belongings?

Our movers will arrive in one of our trucks, fully stocked with the highest quality professional materials. We have a systematic way of treating each piece of furniture prior to moving it. This includes disassembly, padding and wrapping the furniture for protection. These procedures are also a stipulation of insurance coverage. Protection of furniture is mandatory.

What are your cancellation policies?

We do have a 48-hour cancellation policy. There will be a $50 fee for any violations. All we ask is for two days notice. We depend upon our scheduled reservations for our lively hood. We hope you understand.

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We accept credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express). We also accept: – Cash – Cashier’s checks – Postal money order

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