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Living in Falls Church: pros and cons

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Every place has its good and bad sides. And as such even Falls Church is no exception. Are you thinking about moving to Falls Church, or maybe you are just interested in the city’s livability? Whatever the reason for your curiosity we are here to help you. Before you contact the movers Falls Church VA residents recommend, it’s better to know at least a little about it.  What are some of the best and some of the not-so-good sides of this city? Stay tuned and find out. Living in Falls Church: pros and cons.

Welcome to Falls Church

This small city is located in the state of Virginia. Falls Church hasn’t witnessed a lot of development of new citizens over the past couple of years but retained a small constant amount of new citizens moving into the city. The inhabitants have reached 14067. That means that the population growth rate of 1.0% in the last year and 9.0% in the last 5 years. Living in Falls Church has a suburban feel. Making it a very nice place for families looking for more room than the larger densely packed cities can offer them. And all of that for less money and a good location to raise children. So even though the resident growth isn’t huge, some small moves Northern Virginia still do their best to help around. As such what is living in Falls Church like?

A view of the houses of people living in Falls Churc
People living in Falls Church lead a calm and relaxing life.

A good place to live

Falls Church is a wonderful location to live. It rates well in a variety of factors and diversity. Falls Church truly has something for everyone. And that’s why it’s a beautiful place to call home. Yet, what makes a great city to live in is personal. Some individuals might choose a smaller city with a tight-knit neighborhood. While others might choose a larger city with more opportunities. The significant thing is that a city supplies what its citizens need and want. If a city has everything an individual is looking for, it can be an outstanding place to live. As such Helix Moving and Storage Northern VA is a company that wants to show people just how beautiful living in Falls Church is.

Pros of living in Falls Church

There are a lot of elements that make a city a pleasing place to live. One of the most essential is affordability. Accommodation costs shouldn’t swallow too much of a person’s earnings. Another crucial factor is job availability. A city should have a wholesome economy and a mixture of jobs to select from. A city also needs to be safe. People should feel comfy walking around at night and there shouldn’t be a lot of corruption. Luxuries are another meaningful factor. A city should have a mixture of restaurants, pubs, and other locations to go out. It’s also nice if a city has a lot of gardens and green areas. Here are some pros you should know about living in Falls Church before using a packing service Northern Virginia and relocate here.

A fall day in Falls Church
A fall day looks like heaven on the streets of Falls Church
  • Livability – Falls Church’s general livability score is beyond average. This rating is the sum of the city’s information points and factors. And then a weighting of these variables is utilized to distinguish a good measure of the grade of life compared to other cities. The livability score regards education, corruption, cost of living, and citizens’ overall happiness estimated as a predictive index via our advanced statistical models.
  • Cost of Living – When selecting a new place to live, the cost of living is a meaningful consideration. The cost of living in Falls Church is lower than the nationwide average and most cities in the state. While some places can be loftier than others on a state and federal level, the general average of accommodation costs, utilities, grocery items, transport, health care, and various goods and services is less costly.
  • Crime – The crime rate in Falls Church is similar to the national average, which makes this place relatively safe for residents and their families
  • Education – The education in Falls Church is great and it is a significant pro and consideration for living here. Therefore, if you decide to move here with your children rest assured that they will get appropriate edication
  • Low Poverty Rate – There is a lower poverty rate in Falls Church than in other cities in the United States. The average poverty rate across cities in America is about 10-13%.

Cons of living in Falls Church

People usually have a lot of cons that they tie to the cities. But surprisingly the main con of living in Falls Church is the number of residents.  The city only has 14,067 citizens. Which is thought to be very small. Separate surveys have revealed that economic conditions are much worse in small towns than in bigger cities. As such the rise in residents would get this small heaven back on track, and help it develop further.

The city demographics

The city is loaded with numerous young adults and individuals looking to start a family. The average age in the city is approximately 39 years old. The standard family has on average 3 people including kids and parents. In terms of diversity, on a nationwide level, Falls Church rates 8321. Which is beyond the nationwide average for diversity and on a state level ranks 133 which is above the state average.

A man waiting to get on a bus
There are many young people living here, looking to start a family.

Every city has its good and bad sides. And among them living in Falls Church also has its pluses and minuses. But at the end of the day, everything is based on personal preferences. No matter how good or bad a place is ranked on any list, it doesn’t matter as much as our personal feelings do! As such it comes as no surprise that even though it’s happening slowly the resident number is still rising. Among the many places where you can relax and raise a family, this is one of the best.

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