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Moving from Arlington to Alexandria – A simple guide

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Moving from Arlington to Alexandria might seem like just a hop across the river, but for anyone who’s been through a move, even a short distance can seem like a marathon. The two cities, while geographically close, offer distinct experiences and flavors. Whether it’s Arlington’s urban pulse or Alexandria’s historic charm, each place provides its unique allure. If you’re contemplating making this shift, you’re not alone. Many have undertaken this journey, looking for a change in scenery or lifestyle. But remember, every move, short or long, requires careful planning. And while you’re making lists and checking them twice, consider seeking assistance from reputable movers in Northern Virginia to make the relocation easier. With their expertise, the move across the river can indeed feel like just a small hop.

Doing research before moving from Arlington to Alexandria

Arlington and Alexandria, two cities separated by the Potomac River, each have their distinct charm. Arlington, just a stone’s throw from Washington, D.C., feels like an urban extension of the capital. Here, the mix of modern life with historic sites like the Arlington National Cemetery is evident. The city pulses with activity, offering a blend of eateries, parks, and attractions. Contrastingly, Alexandria gives a more classic aura. The heart of this city is its Old Town, where brick pathways guide you through buildings that have stood for centuries. Although it’s more tranquil than its neighboring Arlington, Alexandria remains lively, ensuring there’s always something to catch your eye or pique your interest. While both cities lie on the banks of the Potomac River, their personalities couldn’t be more distinct.

A couple with a real estate agent, discussing housing before moving from Arlington to Alexandria
The move from Arlington to Alexandria offers a fresh perspective on life by the Potomac River.

The cost of living comparison between Arlington and Alexandria

When considering a move between Arlington and Alexandria with movers Alexandria VA locals rely on, one crucial aspect to ponder is the cost of living.

The cost of living in Alexandria presents the following situation:

  • 1 bedroom apartment in the city center: $2091.
  • Monthly utility bill (electricity, heating, water, etc.) for one person: $102.
  • Dinner for two in a restaurant: $77.1.

On the other hand, the cost of living in Arlington is as follows:

  • 1 bedroom apartment downtown: $866.
  • Monthly utility bill (electricity, heating, water, etc.) for one person: $110.
  • Dinner for two in a restaurant: $43.8.

From these figures, Alexandria seems to be pricier, especially regarding housing and dining. Arlington, on the other hand, offers more affordable housing but a slightly higher utility bill. Before making a move, it’s wise to keep these costs in mind.


In Arlington, the school system is highly esteemed, with institutions like Washington-Liberty High boasting impressive graduation rates and plenty of Advanced Placement opportunities for students. It’s also home to Marymount University, offering diverse undergraduate and graduate programs. On the other side, Alexandria’s school district, while smaller, maintains a commitment to excellence. T.C. Williams High School, made famous by the movie “Remember the Titans” provides a rich blend of academics, sports, and arts. Furthermore, Northern Virginia Community College’s Alexandria campus offers affordable higher education opportunities and a pathway to four-year universities. In essence, both cities prioritize education, providing families with ample choices to cater to diverse needs and ambitions.

College graduation event
Schools, job opportunities, and amenities are top-notch in both places.

Before moving from Arlington to Alexandria, compare the job market in these two cities

Both cities cater to a broad spectrum of job seekers. Arlington, being closer to the federal heart of the U.S., has numerous government jobs. With the Pentagon stationed here, defense, technology, and related sectors thrive, offering a plethora of positions. Companies like Nestlé USA and Grant Thornton also have their offices here, enhancing the city’s private sector opportunities. Alexandria, with its rich historical background, offers jobs in tourism, especially around Old Town. Moreover, its waterfront development projects are creating opportunities in real estate and urban planning. While some residents work locally, others commute to D.C., leveraging the wider metropolitan job market. Transitioning between these job markets or relocating for work can be hassle-free with the most experienced movers Arlington VA has to offer to aid shift.


After moving from Arlington to Alexandria, you will see contrasting neighborhoods. In Arlington, neighborhoods like Clarendon buzz with nightlife, while Ballston presents a balance of residential and commercial spaces. Rosslyn, with its high-rises, provides panoramic views of D.C. and the Potomac River, becoming a sought-after area for urban professionals. Alexandria, on the other hand, takes pride in its Old Town, where history lives on every corner with brick sidewalks and colonial buildings. Del Ray, with its artsy flair, is a favorite for families and young professionals alike. West End offers more suburban tranquility, perfect for those looking for a quieter pace. Each neighborhood, in its own way, showcases the diverse lifestyle options available in these two cities.

Places to see and visit after moving to Alexandria

After relocating to Alexandria, a trove of sights awaits discovery. The heart of Alexandria is Old Town, boasting cobblestone streets and historic architecture. Strolling along King Street unveils a mix of quaint boutiques, galleries, and eateries. The Waterfront offers picturesque views of the Potomac River, ideal for evening walks. The Torpedo Factory Art Center, once a munitions factory, now showcases over 80 artist studios and galleries. For history enthusiasts, the Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum provides a peek into colonial-era medicine. Relocating here can be tricky, but with long distance movers Arlington locals recommend, you can quickly settle in your new home.

Is it better to live in Alexandria or Arlington?

Deciding between Arlington and Alexandria depends largely on personal preference. Arlington, with its urban pulse, is ideal for those drawn to city vibes. Its proximity to D.C. and neighborhoods like Clarendon make it a hotspot for young professionals. Alexandria, steeped in history, offers a blend of modern living with a touch of the past, especially in areas like Old Town. For those valuing a mix of serenity with periodic city bustle, Alexandria might hold more appeal. Both cities, with their unique characteristics, promise enriching experiences to their residents.

A person packing before moving from Arlington to Alexandria
Making the decision to move from Arlington to Alexandria is about choosing between two of Virginia’s finest cities.

Moving from Arlington to Alexandria promises an exciting new chapter

Moving from Arlington to Alexandria is more than just a change in postal code; it’s a shift in ambiance, lifestyle, and community vibes. Each city, with its distinct personality, offers a wealth of experiences. Whether you’re drawn to Arlington’s dynamic urban pulse or charmed by Alexandria’s historic streets, the decision reflects personal aspirations and desires. As with any move, it’s essential to research, plan, and consider every factor, ensuring your new home aligns with your lifestyle.

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