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Moving from Arlington to Baltimore: cost of living comparison

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The cities of Arlington VA and Baltimore MD greatly differ if you look at them from a financial point of view. You can immediately notice the significant difference in the cost of living. With that being said, it wouldn’t hurt to know how exactly how do these cities compare in this regard. Let’s start off by saying that the city of Arlington VA has a higher cost of living in almost every aspect. Moving from Arlington to Baltimore will mean a noticeable cutback on your expenses. Apartment prices are a lot lower here in general and you can expect lower rents as well. Other costs of living here vary, but most of it comes at a lower price than in Arlington MD. In any case, we suggest a thorough look at the statistics, before you hire interstate movers Northern Virginia and start your new life here in Baltimore MD. Take a look at the cost of living comparison below.

Economical comparison between Arlington VA and Baltimore MD

When it comes to the cost of living comparisons, the main things to mention are the apartment prices and the average rent and everyday expenses you can expect in these places. We already mentioned that the city of Baltimore MD is cheaper for living. So, if you are looking for a more affordable city to live in, consider hiring Arlington movers and moving here. It would be an excellent financial decision.

Apartment prices and rent per month

We will be reviewing two types of apartments in this comparison. We will be comparing the average price per square meter inside and outside of City Centre. The average price per square meter in the City Centre of Arlington VA is around $8900 and the average price outside of the City Centre is around $4600. As for the city of Baltimore MD, the price per square meter for apartments is significantly lower. The average price per square meter in the City Centre is around $1100 and outside of the City Centre, it’s around $860. You can clearly see that in terms of apartment prices, the city of Baltimore is clearly a more affordable option.

a woman moving from Arlington to Baltimore
Renting or buying an apartment is always the biggest expense no matter where you decide to move to.

The difference between rent per month in these two cities is also notable. We will be comparing two types of apartments inside and outside of City Centre. Here is the breakdown of rent comparison in these two cities:

  • The average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in City Centre is around $2200 in Arlington while in Baltimore it’s $1450
  • The average rent for a 3-bedroom apartment in City Centre is around $3900 in Arlington while in Baltimore it’s $2950
  • The average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment outside of the City Centre is around $1800 in Arlington while in Baltimore it’s $1200
  • The average rent for a 3-bedroom apartment outside of the City Centre is around $3100 in Arlington while in Baltimore it’s $2200

As you can see, the difference in rent rates compares similarly to apartment prices. Whether you decide to rent out a small or a large apartment it is more affordable to do it in Baltimore MD. The same goes for apartments located inside and outside of the City Centre. You can already see that the city of Baltimore is more affordable for living. If this information is enough for you to decide on moving here, consider hiring long distance movers Northern Virginia to help you do it with ease.

Utility expenses

All things considered, utilities in these two cities don’t differ much. You can expect to pay around $180 for basic monthly utilities in Arlington. As for Baltimore, the monthly utilities are around $140. These kinds of costs apply to bigger apartments. You can expect to pay a lot less if you are living in a one-bedroom apartment.

a woman in a kitchen sorting some things
Moving from Arlington to Baltimore also means getting to pay less for monthly utilities.

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that these basic utilities include electricity, water, garbage, cooling, and heating. In contrast to other expenses we have been comparing up until now, the internet is more expensive in the city of Baltimore MD. Depending on your provider, on average it can be higher up to 30%.

Other expenses

Every other kind of expenses you may have such as clothes, food, and transportation vary heavily. You can find as many things to be more affordable in Baltimore as you can find more expensive. It depends on many factors. But these expenses differ by no more than 20% so you can’t expect extreme differences in prices.

a mover listing everything that is being moved
Wherever you are moving to, hiring movers is always a good idea.

You can find affordable options both in Arlington and Baltimore. But one thing is certain. The highly rated moving services in Northern Virginia providers are a must for your relocation. This way you will have stress-free relocation to your new home and you wouldn’t have to worry about the safety of your belongings.

Moving from Arlington to Baltimore: the quality of life

Quality of life is the most important thing to take into account before getting a professional packing service. You have already seen the main differences between these two cities. All that is left is to take a look at the general comparison. The standard of living in these two cities differs significantly. To keep the same standard of life in Baltimore as you did up until now, you would need to make 13% less monthly. This goes in the case of renting in both cities. That means that if you are making $6300 a month in Arlington VA, you would have to make $5500 to maintain your quality of life. Moving from Arlington to Baltimore is clearly a good choice affordability-wise.


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