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Moving from Falls Church to Leesburg – The ultimate guide

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Planning a move can be a complex task, filled with numerous decisions and logistical challenges. If you’re considering moving from Falls Church to Leesburg, we are here to help you simplify the process. Explore practical advice and essential tips for making your move as easy as possible. Relocating with movers in Northern Virginia is a great choice, but there are many additional factors to consider. We will cover crucial aspects like cost, timing, and the best methods for transporting your belongings safely. Prepare and make informed choices that suit your individual needs.

Comparing Falls Church and Leesburg

Falls Church and Leesburg are two distinct localities in Northern Virginia, each with its own set of characteristics and lifestyle options. Falls Church, closer to Washington, D.C., is known for its suburban atmosphere combined with urban amenities. The area has excellent schools and shopping centers and is well-connected via public transportation, making it a suitable choice for both families and professionals. Residential movers Northern Virginia locals use are often busy helping residents transition to new opportunities within the area or beyond.

Parents teaching their child to ride bike after just moving from Falls Church to Leesburg
While both places have their merits, your preference between the two will likely depend on your lifestyle needs.

On the other hand, Leesburg is further away from the nation’s capital and offers a different kind of appeal. It’s a place where history and modernity coexist. The town has a rich historical background with landmarks dating back to the 18th century. But it’s not just about the past. Leesburg has a growing tech industry, quality schools and offers a variety of recreational activities, including access to beautiful parks and hiking trails.

Why Leesburg is expensive

Whether you are relocating here or you are moving your office, looking into the cost of living is important before you start looking for residential or commercial movers Northern Virginia locals recommend. While Leesburg offers a generally lower cost of living compared to Falls Church, it’s worth noting that it is still relatively expensive, especially when compared to other towns further away from the D.C. metropolitan area. So, why is Leesburg so expensive? Several factors contribute to this. First, Leesburg is part of Loudoun County, one of the wealthiest counties in the United States, which naturally drives up the cost of living, particularly in real estate. Second, its historic charm and access to outdoor recreational activities make it a desirable place to live. Additionally, Leesburg is becoming a hub for tech jobs, and the influx of professionals in this field tends to drive up living costs.

  • A typical home in Leesburg costs $738,800
  • Renting a two-bedroom unit in Leesburg comes in at $1,780 per month.
  • To maintain a comfortable lifestyle in Leesburg, it’s advised to have a minimum annual income of $141,480 for a family and $62,800 for a single individual.
toy plane and a human hand
In Falls Church, real estate prices and rental rates are noticeably higher.

Cost of living in Falls Church

Leesburg offers a more budget-friendly lifestyle than Falls Church. However, Falls Church has a status as part of a wealthy county, and its appeal as a residential area with historical and recreational perks contributes to its higher-than-average cost of living. Understanding these factors can help you make a more informed decision about whether moving to Leesburg is the right choice for you financially.

  • A typical home in Falls Church is priced at $851,000
  • The cost to rent a two-bedroom unit in Falls Church is $2,110 per month.
  • For a comfortable life in Falls Church, it’s recommended to have a minimum annual income of $163,080 for a family and $74,000 for a single person.

Education opportunities

Moving from Falls Church to Leesburg means you need to explore the education opportunities. Falls Church is known for having some of the best public schools in Virginia. The school district, Falls Church City Public Schools, consistently receives high rankings and has a strong reputation for academic excellence. George Mason High School, for example, has received numerous accolades and is often listed among the top high schools in the nation. As for higher education, while Falls Church doesn’t have any universities within its city limits, it’s close to several esteemed institutions like George Washington University and Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

Parents with a child, unpacking after moving from Falls Church to Leesburg
Explore the education opportunities for your children before moving from Falls Church to Leesburg.

Leesburg also has good schools but operates under the Loudoun County Public Schools system, which, while still above average, might not reach the heights of Falls Church’s school system in terms of rankings. Leesburg is closer to institutions like George Mason University’s satellite campus in Ashburn and Northern Virginia Community College, offering valuable options for higher education.

Job market prospects

Examining the job market is essential before moving from Falls Church to Leesburg. Falls Church benefits from its proximity to Washington, D.C., providing a wide range of job opportunities in government, law, and various professional services. Leesburg is increasingly making a name for itself, particularly in the tech sector. The area has seen significant investment in data centers and tech infrastructure, making it an emerging market for IT and tech-related jobs. So, is Leesburg a good place to live? In terms of education and employment, Leesburg holds its own but with a different set of advantages. While it may not have schools that are as highly ranked as those in Falls Church, it offers a promising job market and is still part of a strong school district. Combined with its unique charm and slightly lower cost of living, Leesburg can indeed be an excellent place to live, depending on your priorities.


When deciding where to live in Northern Virginia, especially when moving from Falls Church to Leesburg, the quality of neighborhoods can play a critical role in your decision-making process. Here are some of the standout neighborhoods you might consider:

  • West Falls Church in Falls Church
  • Historic Downtown in Leesburg
  • Pimmit Hills in Falls Church
  • Lansdowne in Leesburg
An aerial view of houses in a suburb
Visit multiple areas to determine where you will feel most at home.

West Falls Church offers suburban comfort

West Falls Church offers the best of both worlds: the comfort of suburban living coupled with proximity to the nation’s capital. This neighborhood is ideal for families with access to some of the top-rated schools in the state. Parks, grocery stores, and other amenities are plentiful, making daily life convenient. The area also offers excellent public transport options, including Metro stations that make commuting to D.C. relatively straightforward. If you’re considering a local move within this area, local movers Falls Church VA residents praise can help make the process easier, given their expertise in navigating the community.

Historic Downtown in Leesburg grants you history and modernity

Historic Downtown Leesburg captures the essence of what makes Leesburg special. The area is rich in history, with buildings and landmarks that tell stories of America’s past. At the same time, the neighborhood has seen significant modern development, bringing in a range of restaurants, shops, and cultural centers. For those moving from Falls Church to this charming area, long distance movers Falls Church VA locals trust can assist in managing the complexities of relocating to a new town while ensuring a smooth process.

Pimmit Hills is budget-friendly and strategically located

Pimmit Hills is one of the most attractive neighborhoods in Falls Church. It offers older homes that have the potential for renovation. Its strategic location near Tysons Corner provides numerous job opportunities, making it an attractive choice for young professionals and families alike. With convenient access to major highways, Pimmit Hills is also well-connected for those who work in D.C. but prefer suburban living.

Two people moving a couch for people moving from Falls Church to Leesburg
Hiring a reliable moving company can make moving from Falls Church to Leesburg easy.

If you’re planning on moving to or from Pimmit Hills, you can rent storage Northern Virginia locals rely on when they need a secure space for their belongings. Perhaps your new home isn’t ready yet, or maybe you’re downsizing and need extra time to sort through your belongings. Northern Virginia offers various storage facilities. They are equipped with features like climate control, 24-hour surveillance, and flexible rental terms. These facilities can store furniture, seasonal items, or any other personal belongings you may not immediately need.

Lansdowne offers you luxury living and a sense of community

Lansdowne, a neighborhood in Leesburg, offers residents an upscale living experience characterized by luxury homes, well-maintained golf courses, and an exclusive country club. Known for its sense of community and refined amenities, Lansdowne caters to those looking for a more elevated lifestyle. The area features health spas, fine dining options, and high-end shopping venues that add to its appeal. It’s an attractive option for families and professionals alike. It offers a comfortable yet sophisticated atmosphere that sets it apart from other neighborhoods. If you’re contemplating a move to Lansdowne, you can find specialized moving services from movers Leesburg VA residents frequently use to handle high-value items.

Must-visit attractions in Leesburg after the move

After moving from Falls Church to Leesburg successfully with the help of movers Falls Church VA residents rank the highest your next adventure begins: exploring the attractions that make Leesburg a unique place to live. Leesburg has an array of sites that reflect its rich history, natural beauty, and vibrant community.

One of the first places you should visit is Historic Downtown Leesburg. Walk along the cobblestone streets, and you’ll find a variety of shops, restaurants, and cafes housed in historic buildings. It’s the perfect place to spend a day, perhaps taking a guided walking tour to delve into the stories that make Leesburg special. For those interested in history, a visit to Ball’s Bluff Battlefield Regional Park is essential. This park commemorates one of the early battles of the Civil War. It’s a great way to combine outdoor activity with a history lesson.

A group of people doing yoga in the park
Leesburg is a town that offers a multitude of activities and places to see.

Morven Park is another must-see in Leesburg. This 1,000-acre estate was once the home of a Virginia governor. Now, it’s a public park featuring athletic fields, equestrian events, and historic mansion tours. The beautifully landscaped gardens are a peaceful setting for a stroll or a family picnic. Leesburg has many vineyards and wineries. Places like Stone Tower Winery not only offer excellent wine but also feature scenic views of the Virginia countryside. Wine tasting here can be a relaxed, enjoyable way to spend an afternoon. Lastly, for the shopaholics, don’t miss the Leesburg Corner Premium Outlets. With many high-end brands offering goods at discounted prices, it’s a shopping destination that you’ll want to visit more than once.

Enjoy the advantages of moving from Falls Church to Leesburg

Moving from Falls Church to Leesburg involves more than just packing and transportation. It’s about transitioning to a new lifestyle. Each place offers unique attractions, opportunities, and communities that contribute to its distinct charm. While Falls Church offers a blend of history and modern amenities, Leesburg captivates with its scenic beauty and vibrant downtown. Preparing for such a move requires thorough planning. Once you’re settled, take the time to explore your new environment, be it the historic streets of Leesburg or the community events in Falls Church. The journey may have its challenges, but the rewards are certainly worth the effort.

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