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Moving from Middleburg to Arlington: All you need to know

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If you’ve been contemplating a move from the charming, equestrian town of Middleburg to the bustling, lively city of Arlington, Virginia, you’re in for quite the journey! With dramatic shifts in lifestyle, environment, and local amenities, this move could be a game-changer. Whether you’re seeking a new job opportunity, a vibrant urban lifestyle, or simply looking for a change of scenery, the shift from Middleburg’s quiet, historic town feel to Arlington’s lively urban environment can be an exciting transition. In this detailed guide, we will delve into the nitty-gritty of what you need to know when planning on moving from Middleburg to Arlington, focusing on the unique aspects of both locations. Look for the best Helix Moving and Storage Northern Virginia and let’s embark on this journey together.

What do you need to know before moving from Middleburg to Arlington?

With every move, preparation is crucial. So, before you contact movers Middleburg VA and let them relocate you to Arlington, you need to learn more about:

  • Cost of living: Middleburg versus Arlington
  • Housing and neighborhoods
  • Employment opportunities
  • Public transportation
  • Recreation and activities
  • Education
A couple packing moving boxes
Before your move, get informed

Cost of living: Middleburg versus Arlington

A move from Middleburg to Arlington signifies not just a geographical shift but also a significant alteration in the cost of living. Middleburg, with a median home value of approximately $700,000, is known for its affluent residents and sprawling estates. In contrast, Arlington, while also upscale, offers a diverse range of housing, with a median home price of around $750,000. Proximity to Washington D.C., and a more urban lifestyle contribute to this increased cost.

Groceries in Arlington are approximately 10-15% more expensive than in Middleburg, owing to the city’s higher overall cost of living. Similarly, utilities also cost about 10-15% more. Regarding transportation, while owning a car might be necessary in Middleburg, public transportation or biking is more common in Arlington, reducing some transportation costs. However, Arlington’s parking, fuel, and vehicle maintenance costs can be higher. It’s essential to consider these differences and adjust your budget accordingly.

Housing and neighborhoods

Arlington presents various housing options, from high-rise condos in Rosslyn, where the median home value is around $600,000, to single-family homes in Lyon Village, where the median home price hovers around $1.2 million. In contrast, Middleburg boasts sprawling estates and historic homes, some of which can reach values of over a few million dollars.

Before you move, it’s crucial to research the different neighborhoods to find one that matches your lifestyle and budget. Remember that small moves Northern Virginia are common, so your relocation can be quickly conducted. If you’re looking for a quiet residential area, consider Yorktown, where the median home price is about $850,000. If you desire a more energetic, city-like environment, Ballston-Virginia Square and Clarendon-Courthouse offer vibrant urban living, with median home prices of $620,000 and $715,000, respectively. It’s important to remember that rents vary significantly across these areas, so consider this if you plan to rent instead of buy.

Employment opportunities

Arlington’s average household income is approximately $122,000, significantly higher than the national average. This can be one of the main reasons for moving from Middleburg to Arlington with movers Arlington VA. The city’s proximity to Washington D.C. has a robust job market. Government, technology, and consulting firms dominate the employment scene. Some of the top employers include the Department of Defense, Deloitte, Accenture, and federal agencies. In comparison, Middleburg has a median household income of about $78,000. Employment opportunities are often tied to the town’s equine and wine industries and local retail and hospitality businesses.

A man in front of a bus
Learn more about public transport before moving from Middleburg to Arlington

Public transportation

Unlike Middleburg, where car ownership is virtually mandatory due to limited public transit, Arlington offers a variety of efficient and reliable public transportation options. The city is served by Metrorail, which offers five lines and eleven stations within Arlington, and Metrobus, which provides numerous routes across the city. Monthly Metrorail passes range from $81 to $216, while Metrobus costs $2 per trip. Additionally, the city promotes biking and provides Capital Bikeshare, with over 350 regional stations and membership costing $85 per year.

Recreation and activities

Arlington boasts a vibrant social scene. With hundreds of restaurants, bars, and shops, as well as cultural attractions such as the Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse or Signature Theatre, there’s always something to do. Prices for shows typically range from $10 to $60. Arlington also hosts annual events like the Taste of Arlington, a food festival that draws thousands of attendees. On the other hand, Middleburg’s recreational activities revolve around vineyards, equestrian events, and outdoor activities, including hiking and biking in the town’s beautiful surroundings.

The difference in education opportunities

Arlington Public Schools consistently rank among the best in Virginia, boasting an impressive 91% graduation rate. The school system serves about 28,000 students across 30 public schools, offering diverse programs and resources to meet students’ varied needs. Notably, the acclaimed Washington-Liberty High School is well-regarded for its high academic standards and many extracurricular activities. For younger students, McKinley Elementary School stands out for its strong focus on individual student growth and inclusive community. The student-to-teacher ratio in Arlington averages around 15:1, providing students with quality attention from educators. These figures underscore the commitment of Arlington’s education system to fostering a nurturing and enriching learning environment.

Children and teacher in a classroom
There are different opportunities for education

In contrast, Middleburg’s education scene is distinctively smaller. The town’s key educational institution, Middleburg Community Charter School, provides a unique learning environment, offering personalized learning experiences that harness the town’s rich cultural and environmental resources. Its small size enables it to provide more individualized attention to students, providing a different but equally rewarding educational experience.

Embrace this exciting opportunity

Moving from Middleburg to Arlington presents an exciting opportunity to experience a new way of life. As you transition from the rolling hills and equestrian charm of Middleburg to the vibrant, urban energy of Arlington, remember that thorough preparation is key to a smooth move. Factor in the cost of living differences, understand the housing market, familiarize yourself with Arlington’s public transport system, and embrace the city’s social scene. Here’s to new beginnings in Arlington!

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