Moving specialty items: why opt for professional services

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Many people think that movers are overrated and expensive. But they couldn’t be further away from the truth. They bring many benefits to your moving experience, especially when you own certain items. Heavy and expensive items often need a professional hand when moved, because the risk is high. But even after all the warnings, some people do it and end up regretting that they did not hire reputable movers and packers Northern Virginia. Don’t be that person, and let us show you the benefits of using professional help for moving specialty items.

What are specialty items and why are they so special?

Specialty items are items of extra large dimensions, that are expensive and have unusual care and handling instructions. Think pool tables, pianos, and other items like that. Not every household owns one of these items, because they are often considered a luxury, so specialty item movers are often overlooked. Moving specialty items the right way will allow you to keep using that item for years to come, but still many people risk losing their beloved items. Some of the benefits that will likely convince you to hire some of the best packing services in Northern Virginia are that:

  • They can overcome any obstacle
  • Movers provide tools and packing materials
  • They will offer a stress-free, efficient, and safe move
Picture of balls on a pool table
Moving specialty items is difficult for a regular person

No obstacle

When moving any large items, hallways, and doorframes are nightmares. Sometimes it is possible to avoid them, and often it is the only way to go. It can take a regular person hour to figure this out. But skilled small moves Northern Virginia providers have done this a dozen times, so they know at just what angle your upright piano can pass through the doorframe.

Right tools and materials

Knowledge plays a huge role in the mover’s expertise, but tools and materials are a must. Therefore, hire professional residential movers in Northern VA who have the best packing materials and boxes at their disposal. But when it comes to the heavy stuff, the moving dollies, ramps, hoisting straps, and pallet jacks make all the difference. By combining knowledge and the right tools, they make moving specialty items seem like an easy task.

Stress-free, efficient, and safe

One thing that moving cannot be is free of stress, or that’s what most people think. If you have a skilled team by your side, you will get to see moving only as an exciting beginning of a new chapter of life. Professionals are trained for their job, and the years they spent in the industry only honed their skills additionally. On top of that, movers are also insured, which will guarantee the safety of your items, even in the case that something happens. But with the way they pack and take care of every detail, this is unlikely to happen.

Picture of a woman who is relaxed and happy because she decide on moving specialty items with the help of professionals
A stress-free move should be a priority

With professionals moving specialty items is easy

Specialty items are quite an investment, so moving specialty items can also be expensive. But that is not the case, since you only need to add a few thousand dollars at most to your moving expenses. This will greatly depend on the amount and type of items that you have, but it will rarely go over $1000. It is money well spent, taking into consideration all the benefits that this decision brings. We wish you good luck!


Helix was great!!

Helix was great!! We moved from VA to PA and they handled everything efficiently and effectively. We had some issues with freight elevators at both our old and new apartments and they were able to handle it well.

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