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Moving to Alexandria VA: tips for newlyweds

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If you have decided to move to Alexandria VA after your wedding, you have made the right decision. Virginia has a lot of things to offer to anyone, and most of those things can be found in Alexandria. Of course, relocation is not easy, especially not after you have just got married. You probably haven’t finished all the tasks concerning that critical day in your life; you need to move on to another type of planning. Your first task is to find one of the most prominent moving companies Northern Virginia and schedule your relocation with them. Once you do that, you can continue preparations for your move. You don’t have to think that moving to Alexandria VA won’t be easy. With our tips for newlyweds, you will do it in no time. Just keep reading carefully.

The cost of living in Alexandria

Before you decide to move anywhere, you want to research that place. Moving to Alexandria VA is no different. But, of course, one of the features that will impact your decision is the cost of living. We have gathered the latest data regarding living costs in Virginia. After reading, you can decide whether to contact movers Alexandria VA and start your relocation process. Well, the first thing you should know about Alexandria and its cost of living is that it is one of the most expensive places, especially compared to some other cities in Virginia.

On the other hand, some are even more expensive. Namely, the overall cost of living index in Alexandria is 150. In Virginia, the average living cost index is 104.2. So, it is more than evident that Alexandria is way more expensive than the state itself.

Home rug
Alexandria is a great place for newlyweds to make a home

On the other hand, people in Virginia usually don’t mind this because they have good jobs and annual incomes that can cover all of their costs. Some costs are more expensive than others. For example, health care and utilities are slightly more affordable than in the USA. However, that doesn’t mean much because food and groceries are more expensive. It costs around $112 in Alexandria to buy the same amount of food that $100 would purchase elsewhere. Transportation in this city is much more expensive than the average cost in Virginia, which is 99.4. In Alexandria, the transportation cost is 128.8.

Housing costs in Alexandria VA

Housing is the most expensive relative expenditure, with an index of over 235, whereas most Virginians enjoy an index of just 111. For a more concrete illustration of comparable costs, the typical house price in Alexandria is $542,000, compared to $680,000 in Arlington and $258,000 throughout the state. These facts can be essential for newlyweds since you probably want to buy your first house together. However, even if you aren’t looking for a place to buy, you want to know the rental prices.

The per-month rentals in Alexandria and the neighboring areas are determined by supply and demand. For example, if you want to rent a studio apartment, they usually cost approximately $1,665 per month. Of course, apartments with one to three bedrooms are more expensive. Typically, they cost between $1,700, $1,960, and $2,560. Four-bedroom rentals surpass the $3,000 threshold, with an average monthly cost of over $3,150. Deciding which is the most appropriate for you and your partner may be difficult. But, in any case, you should contact residential movers in Northern VA after making your decision. They will help you transfer all of your belongings without any problems.

Newlyweds holding each other's hands
After getting married, moving to Alexandria VA is a great choice

Job opportunities after moving to Alexandria VA

Being newlyweds, you and your significant other probably want to be sure that you won’t have any problems when it comes to finding a job in Virginia. Well, we have some good news for you. There are some of the major international companies in Alexandria, as well as some big local ones. The job market is pretty stable, with the I.T. area of business being the most successful one. Many people are employed at technology enterprises like Systems Planning & Analysis Inc. and Pro-Sphere Tek, Inc. Also, the government is one of the leading employers, especially Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation and the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). So, if you think working in these areas of expertise and business is ideal, don’t hesitate to relocate there.

What to do in Alexandria as newlyweds

There are many exciting things you can do in Alexandria after moving. Most of those things are especially interesting for couples. For example, you can visit historic sites, parks, or museums. There are many of those in Alexandria, and you really can never run out of things to do there. You can also visit the following:

  • George Washington’s Mount Vernon. Tour the estate and gardens, stop by the museum and education center, then have lunch at the Mount Vernon Inn Restaurant.
  • Historic King Street. Browse hundreds of stores in 18th- and 19th-century houses, a weekly farmers market, and restaurants with lively outdoor dining.
  • Lyon Village Park. This area is great for sporty types because you can play tennis, baseball, and basketball in the summer.
House for living after moving to Alexandria VA
There are great houses in Alexandria

How to  pack for moving after being newlywed?

The most important thing to talk about for living together after the wedding is not to take too many things. You probably have many duplicates, and taking all of them will make your new place cluttered, mainly because you won’t be using two of the same things. In that case, choose the more unique things and those in better shape. If those in terrible condition have sentimental value, you can always use a storage unit to keep them. In addition to that, hiring a packing service Northern Virginia can spare you a lot of stress. They will help you pack efficiently, and it will be done much faster.

As you can see, moving to Alexandria VA as newlyweds can be a great decision. Sort out your priorities, plan your budget, find a reliable moving company, and enjoy your relocation and your new life.


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