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Relocating with children: Find the best schools in Northern Virginia after the move

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Moving with children comes with its unique set of challenges, and one of the most important decisions you need to make is to find the best schools in Northern Virginia after the move. The stakes are high, but the options are plentiful. Northern Virginia boasts a diverse range of educational opportunities, consistently ranking among the top areas in the nation for school quality. This guide aims to ease your transition and help you navigate the plethora of options by offering tips, insights, and resources for finding the best schools in Northern Virginia after your move. We will cover public, private, and alternative educational options, as well as practical considerations such as location, curriculum, extracurricular activities, and more. Make your move to NoVA with Helix Moving and Storage Annandale VA a smooth one by setting your children up for success in their new environment.

Overview of Northern Virginia’s educational landscape

Northern Virginia, often referred to as NoVa, is a region that is known for its highly competitive and top-ranked schools. Moreover, it encompasses several counties and independent cities, each boasting a range of public and private educational options. From elementary to high school, Northern Virginia’s districts consistently receive high marks for their commitment to providing quality education. The area is home to schools with diverse student populations, experienced faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities.

Success written on a blackboard
All NoVA school districts rank high

Achievement statistics: Test scores and graduation rates

Northern Virginia schools are consistently ranked among the best in the state and the nation. According to the Virginia Department of Education, a significant percentage of schools in the region consistently outperform state averages in Standards of Learning (SOL) assessments across various subjects. The graduation rates are also commendable; most districts in Northern Virginia report rates well above the national average. These figures are a testament to the area’s strong educational ethos, which prioritizes academic excellence and student success.

Availability of advanced programs to help you find the best schools in Northern Virginia after the move

In Northern Virginia, students have extensive opportunities to challenge themselves academically through a variety of advanced programs.

  • International Baccalaureate (IB): Several high schools in the region offer the IB program, a globally recognized and rigorous curriculum that prepares students for college and beyond. Schools like George C. Marshall High School in Falls Church and Washington-Liberty High School in Arlington are known for their strong IB programs.
  • Advanced Placement (AP): AP courses, offered in a wide variety of subjects, are a staple in Northern Virginia schools. These college-level classes allow students to potentially earn college credits while still in high school based on their AP exam scores.
  • STEM Programs: The emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) is evident across schools in Northern Virginia. Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, located in Alexandria, is a prime example. It’s a governor’s school that regularly ranks as one of the best STEM schools in the nation.

School districts

Choosing the right school district is often at the forefront of many families’ minds when relocating. In Northern Virginia, this decision is made both easier and harder by the wealth of high-quality options available. The region is home to some of the most highly-ranked school districts in the state and the nation. From the expansive and diverse programs of Arlington and Alexandria to the close-knit and high-performing community of Falls Church, each district in Northern Virginia has its unique strengths and offerings. So, to find the best schools in Northern Virginia after the move, read about some of the cities that are home to the most notable schools. Then, you can contact residential movers in Northern VA. They will be happy to help you relocate to the chosen city.

People in front of a college, talking about how to find the best schools in Northern Virginia after the move
There are many schooling options in Northern Virginia


Arlington Public Schools (APS) is known for its commitment to academic excellence and its wide range of programs. APS serves a diverse student population and consistently has high graduation rates and SOL scores. One of the standout high schools in APS is Yorktown High School, renowned for its rigorous academic programs and strong community engagement. Washington-Liberty High School is another exemplary institution in the district, notable for its diverse student population and robust International Baccalaureate (IB) program. Wakefield High School is recognized for its comprehensive STEM programs and unwavering commitment to equity and excellence. Overall, Arlington is often listed among the top school districts in Virginia in various school ranking reports, so you can contact movers in Arlington VA and make the transition for you and your children easy.


Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) serves a vibrant and diverse community. At the heart of ACPS is T.C. Williams High School, the largest public high school in Virginia. Known for its diverse student body and a wide array of academic and extracurricular programs, T.C. Williams is a cornerstone of the community. ACPS dedicates itself to student success and provides a variety of specialized programs. George Washington Middle School, a standout in the district, offers dual-language immersion and commits itself to community service. Lyles-Crouch Traditional Academy, another ACPS elementary school, follows a classical educational model and enjoys robust parent involvement. Overall, the district earns frequent praise for its proactive efforts to close achievement gaps and create an inclusive educational environment. So, if this is crucial for you, movers Alexandria VA will help you prepare and relocate.

Falls Church

Falls Church City Public Schools is a smaller, independent school district known for its close-knit community and exceptional academic performance. George Mason High School, a top-ranked school in Virginia, is known for its strong IB program and high student achievement, setting a high bar for academic standards in the district. Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School, another key part of the district, is praised for its rigorous academics and extensive arts programs, which are integral to the school’s curriculum. On the elementary level, Thomas Jefferson Elementary School is recognized for its nurturing environment and commitment to student-centered learning. The district boasts some of the highest SOL pass rates in the state and offers a plethora of Advanced Placement (AP) and IB courses, enabling students to graduate with college credits. When you move with Falls Church VA movers, your children will have the same opportunity.

Dice spelling the word 'teach'
In different cities, you can find the best schools in Northern Virginia after the move

Great Falls

Great Falls is served by the Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS). It is one of the largest and most prominent school districts in Virginia. The schools in Great Falls are frequently ranked among the best in the state, showcasing students’ high achievements on standardized tests. One of the highlights of education in Great Falls is the commitment to extracurricular offerings, from STEM clubs to arts and athletics. Community engagement is strong, with active PTA groups and local businesses supporting school events. For families looking to find the best schools in Northern Virginia after the move, Great Falls offers a combination of rigorous academics, vibrant extracurricular options, and a supportive community that collaborates to ensure student success. In addition, movers Great Falls VA are professionals and ready to help you move.

Tysons Corner

Like Great Falls, Tysons Corner is also served by Fairfax County Public Schools. The area stands out for its strong academic programs, so, it that is what you’ve been looking for, movers Tysons Corner VA can relocate you right away. Dedicated faculty members, who often have advanced degrees in their subject areas, are a cornerstone of the schools in Tysons Corner. The district emphasizes technology integration, preparing students for a digital world through its 1:1 device programs and coding curriculum. For those aiming to find the best schools in Northern Virginia, Tysons Corner should be a consideration due to its blend of rigorous academics, modern classroom experiences, and faculty committed to student achievement.

Words 'learn' written on wooden dice
Your children will have an opportunity to learn a lot


Vienna, another community within the Fairfax County Public Schools district, consistently earns praise for its highly-ranked schools at both the state and national levels. Namely, the schools in Vienna actively foster a strong sense of community involvement. Parents are active participants in their children’s education through volunteer programs and events. If you want to be a part, call movers Vienna VA and relocate. Academic rigor is a hallmark of Vienna’s schools. Namely, students have access to a diverse array of programs, including Advanced Academic Programs (AAP) and varied world language offerings. To find the best schools in Northern Virginia after the move, Vienna’s comprehensive educational environment, marked by dedicated teachers, high academic standards, and vibrant community engagement, makes it an appealing option.

Public vs. private schools

In Northern Virginia, parents and guardians have a plethora of quality educational options, both public and private. Public schools, often highly ranked, provide education at no direct cost to families and may offer various specialized programs, from languages to STEM. On the other hand, private schools, which require tuition, often boast smaller class sizes and unique educational philosophies. Tuition for private schools in the area can vary significantly, but scholarships and financial aid opportunities are often available. For families working to find the best schools in Northern Virginia, the choice between public and private schools is significant and often comes down to factors such as budget, educational philosophy, and desired school environment.

Specialized programs and extracurricular activities

Specialized programs and extracurricular activities, ranging from languages and arts to STEM and sports, are abundant in Northern Virginia schools. These programs are pivotal not only for the holistic development of children but also for bolstering college applications. Engaging in a language program, for example, not only fosters communication skills but also cultivates cultural awareness. Participation in arts and sports can nurture creativity and teamwork. Examining the variety and quality of these programs is crucial as they play a significant role in a child’s academic and personal development.

A brother and a sister reading a book and helping mum find the best schools in Northern Virginia after the move
Prepare your kids for the move

Moving tips for families

Moving with children involves unique challenges, especially when it concerns their education. Preparing your children for the move is paramount. Talking to them about the move, the new place, and the changes can help reduce anxiety. Organizing school records for a smooth transfer is another key step; ensure all transcripts, health records, and special program documentation are in order. For those looking to find the best schools in Northern Virginia after the move, planning in advance and involving your children in the process can make the transition smoother and less stressful for the entire family.

Settling in – your first weeks after the move

After making the move, registering your child for school is among the top priorities. It’s also vital to set up transportation – whether that’s a bus route, carpool, or walking path. In Northern Virginia, after-school care options are abundant, from school-sponsored programs to local community centers. To foster a sense of community after you find the best schools in Northern Virginia after the move, consider getting involved in the PTA. Also, attend local community events with your children. These initial steps can go a long way in easing the transition and helping your family settle into your new community.

A teacher writing on a blackboard and helping people find the best schools in Northern Virginia after the move
Whichever school you choose, you won’t make a mistake, so don’t hesitate

Choose one of the exceptional schools

Relocating with children marks a significant chapter in a family’s life, and education stands at the forefront of this transition. So, Northern Virginia offers a diverse and high-quality educational landscape, with exceptional public and private schools from which to choose. As you strive to find the best schools in Northern Virginia after the move, consider not just academic performance but also cultural fit. Include extracurricular offerings that will enrich your child’s life. Actively engage with your new community through PTA meetings and local events. These connections transform a new place into a home. With thorough research and thoughtful planning, you can pave the way for your children’s success in this vibrant and welcoming region.

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