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The best family-friendly restaurants to discover after moving to Fairfax

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Moving to a new city is always an exciting endeavor, but it can also be quite challenging. With the help of reliable moving companies in NoVA, the physical process of relocation can be a breeze. However, once you’ve unpacked and settled in, the adventure truly begins – discovering your new home. One of the most delightful aspects of settling into a new city is exploring the local culinary scene. This blog will help you learn more about some of the best family-friendly restaurants to discover after moving to Fairfax. You and your family can truly enjoy those when you settle in.

Why is moving to Fairfax a good idea?

Fairfax, a charming city in the heart of Virginia, has been a magnet for families nationwide thanks to its compelling combination of quality education, cultural richness, and abundant outdoor activities. The city’s excellent school district includes acclaimed institutions such as Oakton High School and W.T. Woodson High School, known for their robust academic programs and various extracurricular activities. Fairfax’s thriving arts scene comes alive in venues like the Fairfax Art League and the Spotlight on the Arts festival, celebrating creativity and community. For nature lovers, outdoor recreational activities abound. From the serene beauty of Burke Lake Park, perfect for hiking and camping, to the Oak Marr RECenter with its Olympic-sized pool and golf course, there’s something for everyone.

A pizza and a glass of drink in one of the restaurants to discover after moving to Fairfax
Start exploring Fairfax restaurant as soon as you move

The cost of living and job opportunities in Fairfax

Fairfax offers a relatively moderate cost of living, particularly considering its proximity to Washington, D.C., and the array of amenities it provides. Fairfax’s cost of living index stands at 84.26 (excluding rent), which is relatively lower than that of Washington, D.C., which has a cost of living index of 91.31. Regarding housing, the median home price in Fairfax is around $550,000, while the median rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center is approximately $1,800 per month. However, these prices are significantly lower than those in downtown D.C., where median home prices hover around $800,000 and rent for a similar apartment averages about $2,200 monthly.

The city’s proximity to the capital also offers a diverse job market. Many residents find employment in public administration, given the plethora of government agencies in and around D.C. Education, health services, and professional services are other major sectors, providing a wide range of job opportunities for newcomers. Indeed, Fairfax is a city that offers a well-rounded, high-quality lifestyle, making it a wonderful choice for those considering a move with one of the moving companies Fairfax VA. So, whether you are looking for a job or just a regular change of scene, Fairfax might be the place for you.

What are the most family-friendly restaurants to discover after moving to Fairfax?

Fairfax’s dining scene is nothing short of spectacular, boasting many restaurants serving mouthwatering dishes. Whether your family has a penchant for classic American fare or is adventurous enough to try exotic dishes, Fairfax has something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. Now, let’s explore the list of renowned restaurants to discover after moving to Fairfax:

  • Coastal Flats
  • Ozzie’s Good Eats
  • P.J. Skidoos
  • The Wine House
  • Coyote Grille
  • Artie’s
  • Bonefish Grill
  • Uncle Julio’s
  • Sweetwater Tavern
  • Choolaah Indian BBQ
  • The Auld Shebeen
  • 21 Great American Bistro
  • Sisters Thai
  • Courtside Thai Cuisine
  • Woodlands Pure Vegetarian Indian Cuisine
A table full of different food and drinks
Many restaurants to discover after moving to Fairfax offer various dishes

Coastal Flats

Perfectly nestled in the heart of Fairfax, Coastal Flats offers an exceptional array of seafood and classic American cuisine. With the price range of their delicious entrées from $15 to $30, it’s an affordable yet high-quality dining choice for families. Children and adults rave about their renowned crab cakes, a delectable staple; their tangy key lime pie is a must-try dessert. A bonus is their accommodating opening hours, open seven days a week, perfect for any family meal, whether a weekday dinner or a leisurely Sunday brunch. The warm coastal-themed decor adds to Coastal Flats’s overall enjoyable dining experience. So, even if you come from far away, with the help of long distance movers Fairfax VA, you will have a place to treat yourself as soon as you arrive in Fairfax.

Ozzie’s Good Eats

This cozy Italian restaurant is a gem located in the bustling Fairfax Corner. Ozzie’s offers a family-friendly environment that complements its menu of delectable Italian dishes. Prices are quite reasonable, around $10-$20, allowing families to enjoy a delicious meal without a hefty bill. One standout offering is their homemade gelato – a sweet, creamy delight that leaves a memorable impression on both kids and adults. Operating from 11:30 AM to 10 PM daily, Ozzie’s Good Eats offers flexibility for both lunch and dinner plans.

P.J. Skidoos

P.J. Skidoos is a true Fairfax institution and another among many restaurants to discover after moving to Fairfax. It delivers a delightful family dining experience that’s hard to beat. The versatile American menu is designed to cater to all ages, with a dedicated kids’ section that offers meals under $10. Their prime rib is a local favorite for its juiciness and tender texture. The eatery is open from 11 AM to a late 2 AM daily, allowing families to dine in for an early lunch, a late dinner, or anything in between. This place is especially famous among people from other parts of Northern Virginia. For example, suppose you are moving from McLean, after your movers McLean VA transfer your belongings. In that case, you will be more than happy to leave unpacking for some other time and hurry to P. J. Skidoos immediately.

Two people enjoying sharing food in one of the restaurants to discover after moving to Fairfax
There are restaurants that your kids will adore

The Wine House

The Wine House is a worthy choice for families seeking a slightly more upscale dining experience. It boasts a rich menu with an excellent balance of classic and innovative dishes. Prices start from $20, making it a special treat for the whole family. They’re widely acclaimed for their meticulously selected wine list, ideal for parents looking to unwind. One standout dish is their duck confit, known for its rich flavors and succulent texture. The working hours of The Wine House vary throughout the week, so it’s a good idea to check before planning a visit. You might not be able to go to this place as soon as local movers Fairfax VA relocate you, but you can look forward to going once you unpack and settle in.

Coyote Grille

Coyote Grille is a versatile dining spot that’s sure to please everyone, offering a delectable array of Southwest-style dishes. Children’s meals are attractively priced between $6-$8, and adults can enjoy main dishes for $10-$20. One of their standout offerings is their signature margaritas, a refreshing treat for the grown-ups in the family. Open seven days a week from 11 AM, Coyote Grille offers flexible dining hours for your family. It might be a good idea to relax here after your move with residential movers Northern Virginia and gather some motivation to start the unpacking process.


Stepping into Artie’s is like walking into a warm, classic American dining scene. Their menu of comforting, nostalgic dishes creates a welcoming atmosphere for the whole family. A family meal at Artie’s would typically cost around $50-$70, which is quite reasonable given the quality of their dishes. One dish not to miss is their key lime pie, a refreshing dessert that leaves a lasting impression. Artie’s is open daily from 11 AM, ready to welcome families for a hearty meal.

Bonefish Grill

Known for its outstanding seafood offerings, Bonefish Grill has a menu with tantalizing dishes for $15-$30. Their bang bang shrimp has achieved legendary status among locals, with its unique blend of flavors and satisfying crunch. Open from 4 PM to 10:30 PM daily; this restaurant is a great choice for a family dinner after a day of activities in Fairfax. Or, if you have decided to utilize storage services Northern Virginia, packing, transferring, and organizing things can be quite exhausting. So, visiting Bonefish Grill after such a tiring day is a bingo.

A chicken salad on a plate
You can visit some of these restaurants as soon as you settle in, to relax

Uncle Julio’s

Uncle Julio’s brings a flavorful splash of Mexican cuisine to Fairfax. It’s a fantastic spot for a family outing, with prices for their dishes between $10-$20. One of their most exciting desserts is the chocolate piñata, a treat kids will love. Uncle Julio’s opens seven days a week, starting at 11 AM, offering ample opportunity for families to stop by and enjoy a hearty meal.

Sweetwater Tavern

This homey tavern is a great option for those seeking a selection of robust American dishes. With prices between $15-$30 and famous for its beer brewed on-site, it’s a must-visit for families who enjoy a casual yet high-quality dining experience. Their rotisserie chicken is particularly popular among the locals. Sweetwater Tavern opens daily from 11 AM to 11 PM, accommodating lunch and dinner plans.

Choolaah Indian BBQ

Choolaah offers a unique dining experience in Fairfax, presenting a modern twist on traditional Indian cuisine. Main dishes are priced between $10-$20, allowing families to enjoy exotic flavors without straining their budget. With opening hours from 11 AM to 9 PM, seven days a week, Choolaah provides flexibility and convenience for families exploring the culinary scene in Fairfax.

Glasses and food plates on a table
All the restaurants have pleasant atmosphere

The Auld Shebeen

As Fairfax’s original Irish pub, The Auld Shebeen delivers an authentic slice of the Emerald Isle. Entrees priced between $10-$25 offer great value for families seeking an international dining experience. The menu offers traditional Irish dishes such as Shepherd’s Pie and Fish & Chips, providing a delicious introduction to Irish cuisine. The pub’s atmosphere is warm and welcoming, with live music on selected evenings that adds to the vibrant feel of the place. Furthermore, their friendly staff makes everyone feel at home, ensuring a memorable dining experience. The Auld Shebeen is open seven days a week, starting at 11 AM, providing a great spot for a family lunch or dinner. Even if you had just a few things to transfer with the help of small load movers Northern Virginia, relaxing in this Irish pub as soon as you finish unpacking is a great decision.

21 Great American Bistro

This family-run restaurant is an excellent showcase of classic American fare made with an upscale twist. Main dishes range from $20-$35, making it a luxurious choice for families who enjoy fine dining. Local favorites include the crab soup, known for its rich flavors and hearty consistency, and the succulent pork chop. The ambiance is sophisticated yet relaxed, making it a great setting for special occasions or celebrations. The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 4 PM to 9 PM, providing a cozy spot for an evening family meal. Don’t hesitate to visit this place, as it is one of the most popular restaurants to discover after moving to Fairfax.

Sisters Thai

FSisters Thai is an excellent choice for families looking to explore the rich flavors of Thai cuisine, Meals range from $10-$20, making it an affordable dining option. The menu offers traditional Thai dishes such as Massaman curry, which has a rich and creamy flavor profile that’s loved by many. The restaurant itself is beautifully decorated, adding an element of fantasy to the dining experience. Sisters Thai operates daily, starting at 11:30 AM, providing families with a unique lunch or dinner option.

Courtside Thai Cuisine

Courtside Thai offers another excellent avenue for families to delve into Thai cuisine. With a wide range of flavorful dishes priced between $10-$20, it provides an affordable yet quality dining experience. Courtside Thai is renowned for its Pad Thai and Drunken Noodles – each dish with authentic flavors. A relaxing and comfortable dining environment makes it the perfect place for families to sit back and enjoy a leisurely meal. They’re open seven days a week from 11 AM, making it a flexible option for lunch or dinner.

A napkin and a glass of water in a restaurant
The restaurants to discover after moving to Fairfax will satisfy everyone’s taste buds

Woodlands Pure Vegetarian Indian Cuisine

Woodlands is an exciting dining option in Fairfax, catering specifically to vegetarian or vegan diets. This Indian restaurant offers various dishes ranging from $10 to $15. The dosas and thali are standout items on their menu, both being traditional Indian dishes packed with flavor. Woodlands maintains a calm and welcoming environment, with decor that reflects the rich culture of India. They are open daily from 11:30 AM to 3 PM for lunch and 5:30 PM to 10 PM for dinner, providing a vegetarian-friendly option for family meals.

Enjoy exploring all the restaurants after moving to Fairfax

To conclude, there are many family-friendly restaurants to discover after moving to Fairfax. Each one provides unique experiences, various choices of dishes, and warm atmospheres that suit different tastes and preferences. The city’s thriving culinary scene serves as a delicious introduction to your new home and a comforting constant as you settle into life in the city of Fairfax. Don’t hesitate to explore all the restaurants as soon as you move. You will enjoy it!

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