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Top Virginia locations for empty nesters

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Living a life of an empty nester is like starting a new chapter of life and Virginia provides a range of places that are simply perfect for empty nesters. This is a state of many historical, cultural, and natural attractions and it offers a number of settings for leisure pursuits, and community activities, supported by excellent provisions that are also comfortable and convenient. If you are moving to Virginia with one of the moving companies Fairfax VA residents recommend, you can surely find a place that suits your needs and interests. This guide will point out the best Virginia locations for empty nesters that offer a quality and pleasant lifestyle to those who have embraced this exciting stage of life.

What to consider when looking into the Virginia locations for empty nesters

If you are an empty nester considering relocation to Northern Virginia, you will be surprised by what this area has to offer. Its vibrant environment provides a mixture of cultural depth, historical value, and modern facilities that can cater to a variety of lifestyle choices. Its location, close to Washington, D.C., will enable you to visit national museums, theaters, and galleries. Also, if you are into wellness and exercise, you will find the presence of parks, trails, and community fitness centers very convenient.

A coupleunpacking some plates
Discovering the perfect Virginia location for empty nesters often means finding a balance between tranquility and accessibility.

In the matter of living options and community ambiance, Northern Virginia has anything that a person might want starting from calm suburban districts and ending with urban ones. What’s more, the region has a variety of residences, from luxury condos to spacious single-family homes and active adult communities. Such communities usually have social clubs, function spaces, and other amenities that promote interaction and participation among the residents. The area’s safety focus makes it an excellent place for empty nesters who want assurance along with an active community.


Alexandria, Virginia is surely one of the most popular Virginia locations for empty nesters. This city is very attractive and its river bank is very charming, the streets are cobblestone and a leisurely pace of life is what you find while living with all the conveniences of urban living. It is a place in which history is not only a setting but an integral part of society, with 18th-century buildings with beauty shops, galleries, and restaurants.

A couple carrying a couch.
Many Virginia locations for empty nesters offer vibrant communities with a rich array of cultural and recreational activities.

If you are considering making Alexandria their home, here are a few key considerations:

  • Lifestyle preferences: Alexandria provides a wide range of interests with its waterfront activities, historic tours, and lively arts. It’s ideal for those who like to mix lay and play in their lives every day.
  • Amenities: The city is famous for its top-notch facilities such as gourmet dining places, boutique shopping, and complete healthcare services. Also, Alexandria boasts of an effective public transportation system that gives good access to the extended Northern Virginia area and Washington, D.C.
  • Housing options: Alexandria is a city where one can find a variety of housing options that can satisfy any taste and budget, from old buildings in the Old Town to new apartments and condominiums near the waterfront. Each district has its own unique spirit and community atmosphere.


Arlington is a perfect combination of urban elegance and suburban coziness, which makes the place a desired destination for empty nesters. Its proximity to Washington, D.C., enables the residents to access the cultural and social assets of the capital without any trouble and hence enjoy the simple and friendly lifestyle that Arlington offers. The city’s attractiveness for newcomers is made even better by the interstate movers Northern Virginia residents praise that make the process seamless.

The city is famous for its unique mixture of past, parks, and modern amenities. Arlington has a vibrant restaurant scene, bustling markets, and a network of trails that are suitable for an active lifestyle. Empty nesters can find diverse housing options such as luxurious apartments or cozy townhomes that cater to their varied needs. Arlington carries within itself the promise of a community that can be lived at its best.


Fairfax, Virginia, is a unique concept of living for empty nesters who are dreaming of a life that would combine the tranquility of a suburban life with urban conveniences. This lovely city, which is packed with various historic sites, verdant parks, and a hospitable community, provides a lively lifestyle for the people who are getting into their empty nest period. Fairfax also provides a refuge in the silent crevices of nature yet is never too far away from an active town center teeming with shops, restaurants, and cultural events.

A couple reading about the Virginia locations for empty nesters online
A successful move to Northern Virginia starts with finding the right movers who understand your unique needs.

One of the standout features of Fairfax is its array of amenities designed to cater to every aspect of an active and fulfilling lifestyle:

  • Green spaces: A lot of parks and trails promote outside recreation, ranging from strolls to longer hikes.
  • Community centers: Providing programs based on adult interest and well-being.
  • Shopping and dining: Boutiques and eateries of all types are available in this district.

If you intend to relocate to this dynamic community,  you should not worry about the hassle that comes with the moving process. With the right packing service Northern Virginia locals rely on, you can enjoy a smooth and stress-free relocation. Fairfax guarantees a good and convenient life but also an inviting community ambiance. One could almost say that Fairfax makes it easier to start over and make lasting friendships.


A perfect example of Virginia locations for empty nesters, Reston, blends nature’s beauty and utility within the city, providing an ideal place for empty nesters that seek a balanced lifestyle. This community provides a blend of outdoor activities, shopping, food facilities, and cultural amenities, all within reach of modern housing facilities. Additionally, residential movers in Northern VA provide a hassle-free move for those who are coming to Reston. Reston has lovely lakes, an extensive network of trails, and a vibrant town center that offers the right place for empty nesters to make full use of their newfound space in a relaxed but lively area.


Fredericksburg, Virginia, presents a mix of history and contemporary living that presents an appealing location for empty nesters. With well-preserved 18th and 19th-century buildings, museums, and battlefields, this charming city is also full of American history that allows you to see the past. But Fredericksburg is not only history. It is a lively community full of a growing arts scene, boutique shopping, and gourmet dining. The Rappahannock River serves as a natural scenic beauty that allows for fishing, boating, and riverside picnics.

A couple smiling and talking about the Virginia locations for empty nesters.
Packing services in Northern Virginia can simplify your move, allowing you to focus on the excitement of starting anew.

Your move to Fredericksburg will be a breeze with the professional help of the movers Fredericksburg VA locals speak highly of. They can make the whole process fast, problem and stress-free. This city is ideal for individuals who wish to live in a more leisurely manner without giving up on the comfort of services and entertainment. Empty nesters can find their own perfect home since there are many housing alternatives, for example, ancient homes and modern condos. Thus, Fredericksburg combines an appeal of the past with a modern way of living and is, therefore, an interesting option for a new home for empty nesters.

Falls Church

Falls Church is the ideal place where empty nesters can enjoy the contrast between calm and serene suburban living and the convenience of city living. This tight-knit city, renowned for its sense of community and high standard of living, offers a variety of facilities that meet the needs and preferences of its senior citizens. Backed by a rich history, great dining options, and an endless choice of cultural and recreational activities, Falls Church is a lifestyle of engagement, rest, and pleasure.

A couple carrying a table
Falls Church proves that suburban living doesn’t mean sacrificing convenience or connectivity, especially for active empty nesters.

When exploring what makes Falls Church a desirable location for empty nesters, several key aspects stand out:

  • Community events: Yearlong festivals, farmers markets, and local gatherings create a strong sense of community.
  • Arts and culture: Cultural experiences can never be exhausted in art galleries, theatres, and live music performances.
  • Convenient location: Closeness to Washington, D.C. makes access to national sights and other leisure places simple.

If you are willing to transfer here, movers Falls Church VA locals usually hire can provide highly professional help and consequently a happy transfer to the community. Falls Church is one of the best Virginia locations for empty nesters, where small-town comfort harmoniously coexists with the lifestyle of a big city.


A popular place for empty nesters is Chantilly, which is a quiet suburb of Northern Virginia that offers a perfect blend of peaceful suburban existence and urban facilities. The place is rich with American history and it is also surrounded by the scenic beauty of green parks that make you go for slow walks and get involved in outdoor activities.

The proximity of a great number of shopping centers, restaurants, and cultural institutions provides residents with everything they need, without the lifestyle and the fast pace of downtown. Generally, Chantilly real estate provides a delightful choice of houses, ranging from spacious single-family homes to practical townhouses, ideal for different tastes and requirements. Also, the movers Chantilly VA locals ask for assistance are at the service of those going to this lovely community. They make sure that the move into a new home where comfort and community are closely linked goes smoothly and fast.


Dulles is emerging as a desirable choice for empty nesters who are looking for a serene and sprawling community that is situated in Northern Virginia. Its peaceful, suburban location, plus proximity to all essential facilities and DC metro means that it is an ideal mix of ease and relaxation. Furthermore, Dulles is characterized by large homes, serene neighborhoods, and a slower pace of life, which is most sought after by many at the end of their fast family life.

A couple talking about the Virginia locations for empty nesters
The serene parks and trails of Dulles offer empty nesters endless opportunities for leisure and exploration.

Key attractions for those considering Dulles as their new home include:

  • Proximity to Dulles International Airport: Perfect for travelers or frequent visitors of family and friends.
  • Outdoor recreation: Parks and trails in abundance provide activities for fitness and fun, thereby promoting an active lifestyle.
  • Shopping and dining: The place is abundant in shopping centers and restaurants, meaning that you are never too far from whatever you need or desire.
  • Community events: Dulles organizes different events throughout the year, thus, creating a strong sense of community for residents.

If you want to become a Dulles resident, the movers Dulles VA locals often book provide a full relocation package customized to ensure a painless transition. With the help of professionals, integration into this friendly community becomes a smooth process and enables newcomers to begin to enjoy all that Dulles has to offer.

The best Virginia locations for empty nesters

Having studied different landscapes of Northern Virginia, it is apparent that the state provides many Virginia locations for empty nesters. Arlington offers an urban elegance, Fairfax provides a suburban charm, and Dulles represents a tranquil attraction, each with its unique combination of amenities, lifestyle opportunities, and community spirit. This is not the only thing that these destinations offer, they also offer the background for new experiences, friendships, and memories. Opting for professionals such as movers and packing help allows empty nesters to make the transition to these dynamic Virginia settings easy, eliminating any traces of stress and hassle, and thereby allowing them to fully enjoy all the pleasures and benefits that this new life chapter can bring.

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