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When your belongings are fragile, moving becomes more difficult. This is especially true if it involves packing, transporting, or keeping priceless artwork safe. Artwork is usually bulky and difficult to handle. In addition, the frame and glass, which are meant to preserve the artwork or photographs, might end up damaging the artwork during relocation. However, you can prevent damaging all the expensive and valuable artwork when moving. You can start by hiring Helix Moving and Storage Northern VA company. Then, here is the best way to move art. Packing large or small paintings, framed artwork, and anything else securely and correctly for moving or storage is not impossible if you know all the tips and tricks.

Get all the necessary packing supplies

You can’t move your items, art included, if you don’t have proper packing supplies. Sorting your artwork by size is the first step in carefully packing paintings for transportation. Small and medium-sized pieces of art may typically be combined and packed together. It’s better to pack each piece of huge artwork separately in a specific box that is just a little bit bigger than the frame you’re packing. Purchase specialized boxes from a truck rental company or residential movers in Northern VA. If you can’t find specialized boxes on time, disassemble and flatten an old box. You’ll want to have a box that is larger than the frame and photo combined. To carry the artwork securely, you will make a special box out of cardboard this way. It is important to get all the necessary packing supplies which also include the following.

  • Masking tape and packing tape
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrapping
people holding boxes because using boxes is the best way to move art
Don’t forget to buy all the moving and packing supplies

Prepare your art for relocation

As much as it is important to get the right packing supplies, the essential part would be preparing your art for relocation. There are two ways of doing it depending on your art. First of all, if the frame has glass over it, mark an X over the glass with masking tape. If the glass does crack, this will prevent it from completely fracturing or moving around your pictures too much. However, if your piece of art does not have a glass covering it, preserve the painted face by transporting it wrapped in multiple layers of plastic wrap. If you feel as if this is too much work, you can always find packing service Northern Virginia. It is understandable that people are busy and they don’t have enough time for packing valuable artwork. For this reason, hiring professional movers and packers is your best choice.

Protect your art before putting it in the boxes

Lay the brown paper flat on a surface and overlap the ends to make a paper area that is twice the size of your frame. Place the glass-facing side of the frame against the paper. Like a gift, round the frame with the paper’s ends. Never use newspapers to cover frames or pieces of art. Despite being rather effective as cushioning, newspapers can stain your art. Make sure the bubbles of the wrapping are cushioning the outside of the package rather than pointing toward the artwork. Then, wrap the frame completely in packing tape. You can be sure the paper won’t move during transport with local movers Northern Virginia. With bubble wrapping, repeat the procedure. Wrap each little picture or frame in packing paper before placing it in a moving box for smaller artwork.

a mother and a daughter packing
You should use bubble wrap to protect your art

The best way to move art is by using the special boxes

You should first tape one end of the special box closed if you’re using one. Gently insert the already prepared frame into the box while holding it on its sealed end. Ask someone to hold the box if you’re having trouble getting it to fit. If you aren’t using a custom box, set the frame on top of the flattened box you previously dismantled and tape it down. Bend the flat box around the frame if it is big enough to do so, and then tape it in place. If the box doesn’t completely cover your art, you cut another box and use it to cover the exposed side. In addition, check for movement in the box before you seal it. Close the box gently and shake it a little to feel for any movement. If you believe that the frames will shift, use crumpled newspaper to cushion the artwork.

Putting the artwork in the moving truck

When you prepare everything accordingly, loading everything in a moving truck is the only thing left to do. Keep the boxed picture on its side rather than flat while packing the box and loading it onto the moving vehicle. If the image is standing on the edge rather than flat, it will more easily absorb pressure. Place all the pieces of art in a place where they won’t tumble over. Furthermore, place them between other large and heavy things that won’t move during transport. In addition, you should ask your movers about additional insurance if your artwork is highly valuable. Make sure the insurance is value-based rather than customary weight-based insurance. However, packaging artwork is a delicate and difficult task. It’s advisable to leave moving your artwork to experts who have enough experience, skills, and equipment.

woman carrying a box
Make sure to properly place the boxes in a moving vehicle

All the important tips and tricks

Hiring movers would be the best way to move art. However, if you want to do it by yourself, these would be all the tips and tricks you should know. The most important part would be getting all the necessary packing supplies. You should get custom boxes for moving art since they offer the best possible protection. If not, then, you can cut the standard cardboard box and seal the art inside. Lastly, consider getting insurance, especially if your art is extremely valuable.


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Helix was great!! We moved from VA to PA and they handled everything efficiently and effectively. We had some issues with freight elevators at both our old and new apartments and they were able to handle it well.

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