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Want to move to Fairfax, VA? Wonder whether it’s the right choice? Want to know what to expect? If you are tired of searching for the pros and cons of living in Fairfax VA, read more. Helix Transfer & Storage Northern Virginia is here to guide you through the county and city of Fairfax. So, stay with us and enjoy this virtual ride. And if Fairfax is your definitive choice, use some of the best moving services Northern Virginia has ever seen.

A few words about Fairfax County

Fairfax County is a lovely area full of life and work opportunities. It is home to 1,145,312 residents with an average age of 38. Most residents own their homes (about 64%), meaning it is a prosperous area constantly growing. There are many pros to living in Fairfax County. Here’s a brief list of advantages:

  • Excellent school system – perfect for families with children
  • Low crime rate – below the national average
  • A thriving job market – Strong job market is why people choose Fairfax County. Did you know that Fairfax County reached a six-figure median household income? The unemployment rate is lower than the national average (about 1.4%).
  • Excellent transpiration system – thanks to various transportation modes
  • Proximity to other places – such as Washington DC, Baltimore, Maryland, and others.

These are all pros of living in Fairfax County. However, there are some disadvantages. The area has a higher cost of living. Another disadvantage may be the weather. Namely, Fairfax County has warm and humid summers. Another disadvantage may be traffic. Did you know that the area is sometimes called “weekend traffic”? All in all, Fairfax County has a lot to offer. Now let’s check what living in Fairfax VA is like VA. Stay tuned. And if you are already living in the county but want to move to Fairfax City, hire Helix Transfer & Storage VA, one of the best local moving companies Northern Virginia offers.

A woman wondering what is like living in Fairfax VA
There’s no need to wonder about life opportunities in Fairfax VA, since it offers an excellent lifestyle.

The city of Fairfax – the heart of Northern Virginia

Fairfax is home to about 24,000 residents in the heart of Northern Virginia. Fairfax City is known for its excellent schools, numerous parks, thriving economy, walkable downtown, and fantastic life opportunities. It is no wonder why people choose Fairfax, VA, for settling down and starting a new chapter in their life. Fairfax is often considered one of the best possible places you could ever live in Northern Virginia. It has proximity to Washington DC (just 20 minutes away) and proximity to Dulles International Airport.

Quick facts about the city

  • The median Household Income is about $117,000
  • The Median Home Value is around $516,000, while the median property tax is about $2,337
  • Scores: The education score is 69, the economy score is 86, the housing score is 41, the food and nutrition score is 7, the public safety score is 83, and the infrastructure score is 90.
  • The average Commute time is 31

Now let’s see what it is like living in Fairfax, VA.

Living in Fairfax VA – Housing options

If you are looking for a neighborhood close to Washington, DC, Fairfax might be a perfect choice since it is so close. In addition, the areas in the city offer excellent public schools, top-notch health facilities, unique green spaces, and a lot of places for leisure time. Regarding real estate, there are numerous options, such as single-family homes, luxurious condominiums, or townhouses. Whichever you choose, you’ll feel at home. Living in Fairfax, VA, is enjoyable due to its charming mixture of historic buildings, cultural amenities, and growing downtown space. However, the housing market is competitive due to the high demand and quality excellence.

A neighborhood
Living in Fairfax VA has many benefits, and neighborhood choice is one of the main ones.

Best neighborhoods in Fairfax

  1. Downtown Fairfax – is one of the most popular neighborhoods. It’s more walkable than many other neighborhoods, there’s a good choice of restaurants and shops, schools are located very close, and a mixture of urban and suburban. However, property prices are higher.
  2. Kings Park West – This neighborhood is perfect if you are a student. It is home to George Mason University.
  3. Fair Lakes – The neighborhood is a perfect representation of modern-style constructions. The area is booming, and there’s a vibrant community vibe.
  4. Mantua is the perfect neighborhood for those commuting to Washington, DC.

Whichever neighborhood you choose to move to, you can always rely on our residential movers in Northern VA. As a result, you can be sure your belongings are in the safest hands possible.

Things to do when living in Fairfax

Fairfax, VA offers you fun activities both outdoors and indoors. If you are a nature lover, you will enjoy more than 259 acres of green space consisting of 25 parks where you can make picnic, practice sports, and enjoy many recreational areas. If you are an art lover, you’ll want Fairfax. Visit the Fairfax Art League Gallery, listen to Fairfax Symphony Orchestra, or enjoy music and art performances at the school’s Center for the Arts concert hall. Since Fairfax has a community vibe, there are numerous community events during the public holidays, such as Fall Festiva, February’s Chocolate Lover’s Festival, The Holiday Craft Show, Independence Day celebration, the Holiday Craft Show, and many others. All in all, it’s never boring in Fairfax, VA. Enjoy the city while our movers Fairfax VA are handling your move.

Professional movers
The key to a successful relocation is to hire professional movers

Schedule your move to Fairfax, VA

Now that you know what living in Fairfax VA like, it’s time to decide whether it’s suitable for you. If yes, start preparing for the move. And there’s no better way to organize and move like a pro than to hire Helix Transfer & Storage Northern VA. Contact us, state your moving requirements, and we’ll provide you with an accurate moving quote. Our highly-rated movers are at your disposal at any time. If you hire them, you’ll get premium moving services. So, ensure peace of mind and move like a pro with Helix Transfer & Storage. Your valuable belongings are in the safest hands possible. Let us be a part of your new life chapter. So, enjoy the move, and rest assured, knowing your relocation is smooth and stress-free.



Helix was great!!

Helix was great!! We moved from VA to PA and they handled everything efficiently and effectively. We had some issues with freight elevators at both our old and new apartments and they were able to handle it well.

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